Monday, May 31, 2010

Let's Here It For The Boy...

The Boy in this scenario is my fabulous Husband, Jason. I wanted to take a minute and give him a BIG shout out for being so wonderful. He has spent the last 3 days sanding, finishing and making the changing table for Logan's room perfect. Literally- 3 days. He took the dresser to his job site first thing on Saturday, and didn't get home until 8pm (And only because we were all going to dinner so we needed him to join in on the fun!), then Sunday he was at it again until the sun went down, today- which is a holiday for MOST, but not for him (Well, it KIND of is but he was planning on going in to work before the dresser was ever brought up here and working on getting his billings in order for this month) he's spent all day working on it as well and hasn't even made a dent in his actual WORK for the week! He's stressed, and i feel AWFUL that he's put off his career work stuff for the dresser, but the girly-girl in me is secretly loving it and thinks its adorable that he's working so hard and is being so involved for Logan- not that I'm surprised, it's just really sweet to see. So while I've told him how much I appreciate him and love what he's doing, I just wanted to make it a bit more public by stating it as so on the Blog! haha :)

Aside from all of that, I had an amazing weekend. My Mom was in town- she drove down from Seattle and brought the dresser with her. This dresser was her Grandmother's, then it was given to my Mom when she was a young girl, then it was given to me when i was a young girl- I used it all through my childhood and in College (Colorado), and I just love the idea that Logan and whatever other Children we have will get to use it as well! Jason is working on sanding the dresser, and staining it a nice deep brown color to match the rest of the furniture in our nursery- it's going to look awesome when it's all done!
So while Jason was working on that, Mom and I got to work setting up the nursery. We headed to Babies R Us with my cousin Erin (Who is in LA for 2 days via a layover before heading out to London, Scotland and Paris today!) to pick up the remaining essentials on our registry that we hadn't yet received. Wow. We definitely helped out the economy this weekend! You're welcome America! But I think we got everything we need! We set up the nursery in such a way that when Jas is done with the dresser, we just need him to slide it into place and I'll begin filling it with the essentials! So exciting! having it all organized makes the room look so much bigger and makes everything seem so REAL! I'll post pics as soon as the dresser is in place and the clutter has been put away!

While the weekend was fun, it really took it out of me! I slept almost all day today, and my feet are just NOW starting to not ache! So with this new found burst of energy, I'm going to get to work on getting some personal paperwork done so I can start the week fresh!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!



  1. I can't wait to see pictures! And, hopefully you got in some good rest last night :)

  2. I absolutely love your new place!!! The laubster mural is awesome!!!