Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just a Typical Weekend...Cleaning, Family Visits, Cat Attacks

That's attacks. Our oldest Cat, Earl, went a little nuts this weekend, and unfortunately, Jason was his victim (But thankfully, Jason was his ONLY victim). Jason's cousin Matt stopped by for an afternoon visit on Saturday with his 3 children- 5 year old Ethan and 1 year old twins Maya and Anya. Jas went downstairs to bring the family up to our apartment while I stayed inside. As the group made their way back to our apartment, one of the babies started crying- loudly. As Jason opened our front door to bring the twins in, one of the girls started shrieking. Earl heard this noise, and started to attack. Thankfully, Jason was a great barrier between Crazy-Earl and the Girls, unfortunately, Jason's thigh, shorts and hand were caught up in the fight. As Jas deflected Earl's attacks, the girls started shrieking again and Earl went back for more. As this was going on, I was on the phone with Lindsey. When I saw what was happening, I shrieked, told Lindsey I had to go, ran over to Earl and pulled him away from Jason and threw him into the bathroom for a timeout (Quick apology to Lindsey who thought my screams of "Omigod! Omigod! Linds, I have to go!" were signs of my water labor yet just crazy cats). Jason followed me into the bathroom and he was VERY cut up. His shorts were ripped, he had several scratch marks on his upper thigh, and a few deep scratches on his hand. As Jason cleaned himself up, I tended to Matt and the kids. One of the girls had gotten a scratch on the bottom of her foot and was bleeding a little bit. Matt quickly cleaned it up and everything was all good. Jas and I were pretty freaked out by what had just gone on because Earl has NEVER acted so violently, and he is such a cuddle-bug when it comes to Jason and I and has never acted out like this. My personal opinion of what was going on in Earl's head when everything went down is that he didn't realize the screams he heard were coming from a baby...the door was still closed when the screams were within ear-range, so to Earl, they probably sounded like a cat screeching or getting in a fight. Honestly, he may have been trying to protect me, thinking that an angry animal was coming in to our home uninvited. We don't know for sure what Earl was thinking, but in the 6 years I've been his Mom, I have never seen him act like this...ever.
As the day went on, Jason tended to his wounds and was feeling alright, except for the puncture wound on his hand. He kept looking at it, feeling it, and it was obvious that it was causing him a lot of concern. A few hours later, the location of the wound was really swollen, pretty red and Jason said it was throbbing when his hand was down...not good. After dinner with my Brother and his girlfriend, Jason mentioned that he was concerned about his hand, and that it was hurting worse and worse. I decided to call my Mom to see what she thought we should do (My Mom tends to have a lot of medical knowledge since her Dad was a Doctor, and she worked for him in the hospital and his office for several years)...she told us to be very careful with this wound since it WAS a puncture wound. She said that those types of wounds can be very dangerous because if there is an infection, there is no way for the wound to get out because it just gets trapped. So we decided to head to the Emergency Room and see if they could help us. We were seen by a nurse and a doctor pretty quickly, and all agreed it was a good idea that we came in. They gave Jason an antibiotic shot, then hooked him up to an IV that gave him some more antibiotics, and then wrapped his hand up in a pretty intense splint/cast and gave him a prescription for another antibiotic. All in all, I think it was a good idea we went to the ER...even if Jason thinks the final outcomes was a little excessive....

Hopefully this was a one time incident and Earl will NEVER act like this when Logan arrives. Lindsey suggested that we create a CD of babies crying to play around the house so the cats can get used to the noise....I think they'll do better when they see Logan in the house being quiet at first and then get used to him making the noise, but we're willing to give anything a chance.

Jason's doing much better now, though his hand is hurting worse than it was yesterday...I'm sure once the antibiotics get in his system he'll start feeling better.

Poor Baby...attacked by an Alaskan Snow Kitty!

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