Monday, February 28, 2011

Feeding Logan...Step by Step

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Avocado's and...Bananas?

Why yes! Avocado's and Bananas! Our baby food book suggested the combination (which Jason thought was the weirdest thing he'd ever heard of...I tried it out and it tasted HORRIBLY) so I did it up to see if Logan would eat it. We've been pretty successful with solids thus far- he didn't like peas, pears or banana's, but has been pretty willing to do everything else (After giving us a look like we're crazy for putting whatever we just put in his mouth).

I mixed 1/2 of an avocado with 1/2 of a banana and it filled up the entire bowl...I figured there was NO way Logan would eat all of this- he'd maybe eat a 1/4 of it...

Ok, I took a picture of it because it was a REALLY pretty color...this photo just looks weird though.

Messy, but good!
So good he wanted to feed himself!
What? Do I have something on my face?

I should have taken a picture of the bowl at the end of this meal because it was COMPLETELY gone. I have never seen Logan eat ANYTHING up as quickly as he did this combo dish! It was hilarious! As soon as he swallowed each bite, he would open his mouth and lunge forward for more! He couldn't get enough :) Thank goodness we've got more avocado's and bananas for tomorrow!

Fun With Hangers! with hangers!..

This is Logan's latest "move"- he started doing it this weekend...he totally looks like Elvis. Really, he's just moving his lower jaw to the right and then moving his upper lip UP- but it looks hilarious! We, of course, think it's related to teething...but isn't everything at this point? Will this kid EVER get teeth?

Rubber Duckie, You're The One...

....You make *bedtime* so much fun!
Rubber Duckie I'm so awfully fond of you!
Every *night* when I make my way to the *Beeeed*, I find a, Little fella who's cute and yella and Chubby....boop ee doop boopey!

Logan's new favorite bedtime buddy...Rubber Duckie! He carries him from the bath to bed and loves him SOOO much! It's hilarious!

This picture is hysterical to me- his paci LOOKS like a duck beak and he's perfectly covering rubber duckies beak- very artistic my son! haha.

A cute one of the two buddies in bed!

A Few More Pics of the "Heartbreaker"

Just a couple more of Mr. Scrumptious!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day- Love, Logan

Don't you just love him?

Don't you just love him?

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Amazing What 6 Months Can Do

This is Logan on July 14th, 2010 (1.5 months old)...a position he was forced in to

And This is Logan on February 11, 2011 (7.5 months old)...a position he finds on his own, every night.

If you'd told me 6 months ago my child would love to sleep on his tummy, I would have never believed you! He is sleeping just like Jason in the above time Jas takes a nap, I'm snapping a picture and posting these 2 side by side :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

7 Month Update!

Little Man is 7 months Old this month!
Here's an update on what Logan is in to and up to these days...

By his 7th month he...

...Has taken 3 round trip flights
...Sleeps anywhere from 10-11 hours each night
...Loves Squash, Carrots, Rice, Sweet Potatoes and Apples
...Hates Pears and Bananas
...Is about to try peas
...Drinks 40 ounces of milk a day
...Can pull himself up onto furniture within reach (the bathtub)
...Loves standing more than anything
...Has started putting his butt up in the air in preparation for crawling
...Has been known to fart so loud that it lights his monitor up to RED on the volume level...and he doesn't wake up at all
...Is more and more interested in the cats as each day passes (This could get ugly)
...Loves splashing in his bath water
...Has started to learn his name
...Is the greatest gift Jason and I could have ever asked for!