Saturday, July 17, 2010

Photo Shoot

Today we completed the photo shoot package that Jas and I purchased from Monkeys and Peas Photography. Back when we were still pregnant we purchased the Pea in a Pod package which got us 1 session of maternity photos and then another session of newborn photos! Today we completed the set and had Logan all gussied up to have some photos done- considering we were dealing with a 3 week old, all went pretty well! He was a bit of a "divo" early on (We figured DivA was the feminant version of the word, and Logan is clearly a boy so he's a divO), but once we fed him he was much easier to work with! Trina, the photographer, was amazing with him and I started referring to her as the "Baby Whisperer"- she's so great! We won't get the shots of Logan for another 2 weeks, but I think that all of them are going to be amazing. I think we're going to have Trina come out for Logan's first birthday next year and do some shots as well (Surprise Jas! haha...I just decided that!). But having her back to do THESE photos, reminded me that I never posted the maternity shots that we got! These are all still rough, not touched up at all but I figured some people would want to see them...enjoy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Props for the UppaBaby

Today, the UppaBaby paid for itself in convenience alone. I headed out to the grocery store...just me and Logan...for the first time. I'd gone to Target earlier in the week and attempted to put his carseat in the shopping cart- but it didn't fit very well, so I had to brace it with my hand the whole time I was shopping...which was just annoying. While I was in there, I spotted another new Mom carrying her baby around in a front carrier and it made me wonder "Hmm...she's probably don't what I'm doing before and realized it doesn't work...maybe the front carrier is the way to go..." So that's what I used today. However, I knew that in order to get my groceries upstairs I would need to transport them someway other than my arms...enter UppaBaby Vista. This stroller is just awesome. I plopped Logan in his carseat onto the frame (Thanks to the Graco Carseat Adapter!) and then proceeded to load my $100 worth of groceries into the undercarriage storage basket! Just to give you an idea of how much $100 worth of groceries is, I had about 10+ bags and a gallon of milk! I couldn't believe it all fit with ease! Earlier in the week I had walked with our Snap-N-Go stroller to the community market near our house and I had 1 grocery bag of stuff and could barely fit it with the diaper bag in the under carriage compartment! Oooh how i love the UppaBaby!

On other "Well Spent Money" notes, I got the new pump today and O...M...G! I love it!
I know it was expensive, but it was SO worth every stinkin' penny! Not to go into details, because that's weird, but it was so comfortable and I was able to express more milk than i EVER did with the old pump! Things are looking up for Logan, myself and my milk supply! HALLELUJAH!

Tomorrow we have our infant photo shoot and my Mom arrives for a week and a half stay at 10am :) Very excited for her visit and to get some expert advice from the woman who raised 3 perfect children (Not that I'm biased or anything, but my brothers and I are pretty awesome! And not to discount my DAD at all, but you know- she's the MOM so, she gets special credit).

Ok, back to cleaning up the house and feeding the lil piggy who is angrily snorting and awaking from his peaceful slumber in his swing!

Happy Friday! Love to all!

Special Gifts for Logan

This week we received some VERY special gifts for Logan. The first is one that we "ordered" while we were in the hospital. St. John's has a group of volunteers known as the Nifty Needlers- a group of volunteer knitters who knit caps and booties for all of the babies born at St. John's. Jason and I filled out the request form before we left the hospital 3 weeks ago, and this week we received the cap and booties for Logan! Along with those 2 items, there was a third item we were not expecting- a personalized bracelet which spells out the little man's name! Such a great keepsake these things are! We have Logan's newborn photo shoot on Saturday and I guarantee some if not all of these items will appear in some of the photos!

The second gift we got came from our amazing pediatrician! She said that she gives this to all of her babies because ALL Of her babies are born with silver spoons! Too cute! Thank you Dr. Phillips!

Floor Gym and Tummy Time!

This week Jas and I broke out another gift that we received for Logan- the floor gym/activity center. I was pretty amazed at how focused Logan seemed to be on certain items hanging from the gym. He wasn't able to reach any of the toys (no matter how close they were to him) but he definitely fixated on a few of the items which was pretty cool to see.


Just Out of Reach

Love Those Feet!

Aside from that, we also started doing tummy time. I think he likes it- which is good. From Logan's very first moments, we always rested him on our chests tummy down so he's definitely used to that position, but I wasn't sure how he would react to laying on his tummy without touching our skin- I think he did pretty well! He even started lifting his head up which should come to no surprise those who have already met him- he's been doing that since day 1...literally.
Tummy Time!

Trying to Lift that Head!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 Week Check Up

Today Jason and I headed to Logan's pediatrician's office for his 3 weeks check up (Normally babies have a TWO week check up, but Dr. Phillips was on vacation in Seattle (holla!) last week, so we came in 1 week later). Logan checked out fabulously- not that we expected anything less :) Here are his stats:

Height: 22-1/8" (75th Percentile)
Weight: 9lbs 5oz (50th Percentile)
(He was born at 9lbs 1oz, left the hospital at 8lbs 1oz so he is definitely doing REALLY well with his weight gain)

Dr. Phillips said that everything looks great and that he seems really healthy. She said that we should start doing tummy time now, and that we should read to and sing to or play music for Logan as much as possible right now. She said it doesn't matter WHAT we read, but we just need to get him listening to the rhythm of reading- this is great news because I have a book I want to finish that is WAY over the appropriate content level for an infant so as long as it doesn't matter what is read to him- that is what he will be listening to :)

From the parent's perspective, Logan is perfect. He's doing great and being a good baby for Mommy during the day. He has a pretty mellow temperament, which I predicted he would have given how he was in the womb. He cries when he's hungry or has a dirty diaper and that's pretty much it. We have had a few nights of fussiness which we think are due to gas, but it hasn't been anything unbearable (Knock on wood!). He is extremely alert which is fun- and when we're out and about with him the combo of his size and his alertness makes people think he's way older than he is- which makes me laugh. Today, on our way to the doctor's appointment, a woman in the elevator thought he was 3 months old! haha...she was shocked when we told her he was only 3 weeks! To be honest, however, I can't imagine having a baby any other size than Logan. I love that he's bigger and stronger and isn't as fragile as some 6 or 7lb babies can be :) As I said above, he's perfect and I wouldn't want to change anything about him for anything! He's also been sleeping pretty well...the other night he slept for 3hours and 45 minutes and then last night he outdid himself by sleeping for 4 hours! Woo Hoo! It's insane to me what a difference an hour (or 45 minutes) can make in my mood and ability to function the next day. 45 minutes more of sleep feels like 10 HOURS more of sleep! I can't imagine what I'll be like when he starts actually sleeping through the night...Oooh that will be a glorious, GLORIOUS day!

My Mom arrives on Saturday and will stay for a week and a half with Jason, Logan and me- we're all really looking forward to her visit!!

Here are a couple more pictures from our outing today:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vote for our Nursery!

One of my favorite pregnancy websites, is holding a contest to find the BEST nursery out there! Obviously I think that the mural we painted is the greatest nursery ever created, so I think we should win this contest EASILY! But we need your help! Head to the following link and vote for the Laubster Cove nursery! You can vote once a day until the 21st! And just in case you aren't SURE if our nursery is the best, here are a few pictures to remind you:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sorry for the absense

Where did this week go? Wow...I swear it was just Sunday the 4th like 2 hours ago! My how time flies when you aren't sleeping but are constantly DOING! Haha.

I don't even know what happened this I'm not quite sure how to report on anything!

Everything on the home front is going as well as can be lack of sleep and raging hormones have made me a TREAT to deal with for poor Jason...but he's a good sport. Hopefully he's just remembering that I will be a normal human again pretty soon once everything settles down. He was a huge help this week by setting up a revised pumping schedule for me which should give me at least an extra hour of sleep as long as I can get a good storage of pumped milk up....I was really excited about trying it until...our pump broke...or so we think. Yesterday at 4pm was the last time I was able to pump a full serving for little first I was really worried that my milk supply had, for some reason, "dried" up, but I've nursed Logan a few times since then and he's definitely gotten milk so I know it's still in there. We got a cheaper pump so that's why I think it's the culprit. So today, Jason ordered the Cadillac of breast pumps which will hopefully solve the problem and get me back into production mode! So in the mean time, I'm nursing Logan- which has actually gone really well (yay!) and then supplementing with Formula as needed. I'm not THRILLED to be doing formula again, but hopefully it's just for a few days and doesn't throw off our breast milk stuff with him too much. The important thing is the Logan is healthy and continuing to gain weight, right? Right (Speaking of, Jas and I weighed Logan the other night and he's well past his birth weight! Woo! Our 2 week check up is next Thursday, and will actually be a THREE week check up since our doc was out of town this week, hopefully she's thrilled with his progress and gives us an A+ as parents!)

My Mom arrives a week from today and I'm super excited. Hopefully the new pump will arrive by then or I'll have more of a handle on the whole nursing thing and it'll be a nice time for us to spend together. If I'm still having trouble then I know she'll be a HUGE help in giving me the assistance that I need while Jason is at work. I've got a few organizational projects for her to help me with, so I'll definitely be putting her to work for SURE! Hope she's ready for it!

Ok, that's it...I have a couple of pics I should post...but Logan is sleeping, Jason is at work and the couch and a blanket are calling my name...may be time for a cat nap until Jason gets home...Ssshhhhh...don't tell him!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

And to think I used to HATE the 4th of July...

But I now have a couple of reasons to love it...

*July 4, 2008- Jason Proposes*

*July 4, 2010- Sharing it with the Lil' Munchkin*

I'm still not the worlds BIGGEST fan of fireworks, but having these two loves around me while they're going off will definitely make the night more bearable :)

June 29th - July 3rd Pics

Full size pics can be viewed at Picasa - Click Here