Sunday, January 20, 2013

29.5 Weeks

Disregard the tired eyes...I think that's all I have these days!

1. How far along? 29.5 Weeks

2. Total Weight gain/loss: So I weighed myself today and was at 19lbs gained - that's 9lbs in 4 weeks! Yowza, kind of seems like a lot, but I guess this is just my welcoming to the 3rd trimester!

3. Maternity Clothes: Oh yes, they are all that I wear now - and while on my days off I still feel relatively fashionable and cute, on the days that I work I just feel like Humpty Dumpty and nothing looks quite right anymore.

4. Stretch Marks: Not a one!

5. Sleep: Going pretty well. I get restless leg every single night; omigoodness is that annoying! And turning over from side to side throughout the night is not a subconscious thought, it's like a whole-body ordeal that takes thought and practice...definitely interrupts my slumbering!

6. Best Moment this week: Since I'm not doing this update WEEKLY, I'm going to answer this for the Best Moment of the Month; probably taking our maternity photos :) We've gotten a sneak peak of a few of them and so far they are awesome! I can't wait to see the rest!

7. Movement: Ooooh yes- little Nora is a mover and a shaker lately. Just today for instance, she was moving so much it was shaking my whole body (I remember Logan doing this as well and I thought he was having seizures inside of me his movements were so fast and intense) then later when I was trying to nap, she was moving so much I woke up sore! It was like she was trying to escape! haha!

8. Food Cravings: Still no cravings; sweets sound good as usual, but I'm TRYING (and probably failing) to cut back on those. For snacks I've been trying to do cashews or fruit, for an after dinner/pre-bed snack I try to do whole wheat cheerios with fruit on top.

9. Gender: As far as we know, it's still a girl :) haha

10. Labor Signs: No - thank goodness!

11. Belly Button: Still in and I hope it stays that way for a LOOONG time.

12. Wedding Rings on or off? Still on, but I may take them off soon just to be safe. I took them off a couple of weeks ago to get them cleaned and inspected and it was quite difficult to take them off! I don't want to get in the position where I wait to long and then they have to be CUT OFF! Eek!

13. What I miss: I still don't really miss anything - I can still lay on my back somewhat, I haven't had major back-aches like with Logan and I'm just feeling good all over which is great!

14. What I am looking forward to: Meeting Miss Nora soon!

15. Weekly Wisdom: brain is kind of done right we'll just skip this question for now :) Sorry!

16. Milestones: We decided to go ahead and try for a VBAC...crazy, right? The few questions or conditions that I had for the delivery were answered and met by my Dr so I feel like we're doing things right. We're going to have an ultrasound at 36 weeks to check on the size of the baby (We didn't know Logan was large until this point so I've said that if Nora is looking at all like she's going to be big like her brother, I'm not chancing the VBAC and I'm going to do a c-section), my doctor also agreed that they will not induce me. They will allow me to go into labor naturally all the way up to 41 weeks and if I haven't gone into labor yet by April 10 then we'll do a c-section. So even with the horror stories I've been hearing from friends over the past couple of weeks (Thanks, ladies), I think I'm going to be successful at this. The planner in me is going crazy because I have no idea when labor will begin, where I will be at the time, what we will do with Logan, how my family will get down in time etc but I know women and families deal with this all the time and we'll figure it out when it gets closer, it's just weird not knowing how things are going to go down.

Here's a series of pictures to show where I'm at size wise...I feel like within the last 24 hours I've kind of popped - and these pictures tend to prove that! I'm a little nervous because I look SO much bigger at this week than I did at 27 weeks with Logan. Granted, a lot can change within 2 weeks, so maybe I won't be quite as big this time around (And to be honest, I gained over 55lbs with Logan and I don't foresee myself gaining 35lbs in the next 9.5 weeks! Let's hope not at least!!)