Monday, May 3, 2010

Excuse me Dr. many weeks do you think we're at?

So, last week Jason and I had our 31 week check up...or so we thought! At this stage of the game, our appointments are pretty quick...weight check, blood pressure check, listen to the heart beat and measure the belly with a really advanced piece of equipment...fabric tape measurer.

So this appointment started out like any other weight was increasing (of course) and my blood pressure was actually high for once...however, I had just walked up 5 flights of stairs and was still a bit winded. Since my urine sample didn't show any suspicious protein in it, there was no need to set off the Toxemia Alarms just yet (sidebar: My mom had Toxemia when she was delivering both my Oldest Brother Nathan and me...this disorder can be hereditary so my doctor is aware of the situation and is monitoring it as needed- so far, no cause for alarm!).

At this particular appointment, I was seeing Dr. Blumenfeld because our regular doctor, Dr. Morris, was running a bit late. Jason and I adore Dr. Blumenfeld- he is hilarious. He always tells us our baby is "Perfect" and that he Loves our baby- which we love hearing! He started the appointment out by giving me a High 5- which is always fun! we heard the heart beat- all was normal, or "Perfect" as Dr. B would say, and then he pulled out the tape measurer to measure my belly...and that's when things got's how it went down:

Dr. B "Ok, everything looks perfect...tell me, how far along are we?"
Me: "Currently, we're 31 weeks but we'll be 32 on Tuesday" *our appointment was on Thursday
Dr. B "Yes, yes, 31 weeks...or 32...or 33...or 34"
Me: Too stunned for words at first..."Ummm...what? Really?"
Dr. B "Yes, yes I Think so...come in to my office, we'll chat"

So basically he had nothing new to say in his office, except that at our next appointment he wants to do an ultrasound so that we can get a better idea of Logan's weight, size and position...if we are indeed 3 weeks ahead of where they originally thought they were, that would mean that at our next appointment we would be at 37 weeks and FULL TERM! WHAAAT?! Crazy!

To counteract all of that excitement, Jason ended up running into our regular doctor, Dr. Morris, while at his jobsite and told her the news...Dr. Morris was pretty skeptical about Dr. Blumenfelds prognosis...she is pretty confident that we have the right conception date and thinks that if anything, we may just be carrying a big baby...wait, why did I just type WE may be carrying a big baby...*I* may be carrying a big baby...and boy can you tell! So, in 2.5 weeks, we'll have the ultrasound and we'll figure out our next step from there! Should we be that early, I think we're prepared...the nursery is a bit of a disaster, but we can clean it up lickity split once we know what's going on.

On top of all that, I think I had my first bout with Braxton Hicks contractions tonight. On my drive home I just started getting so uncomfortable, had a pretty severe pain in my stomach area and my belly was VERY tight/hard like they say it will get during contractions. Once i got home, put my feet up and drank some water the pain subsided which was good. It was a little scary, especially since we don't really know what's going on with how far along we are, but oh well, I survived!

Ok, sorry for the extra long posts...but I wanted to catch everyone up on what's going on!!

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