Friday, May 14, 2010

1 Year and Counting...

One year ago today, I was...
Waking up in a hotel room with my closest girlfriends shouting "It's Wedding Day!It's Wedding Day!!" The rest of the morning was consumed with the rest of the bridal party coming up to the bridal sweet to begin our ritual of getting ready for the big day! Some highlights I will always remember are:
Wearing my "Sexy Little Bride" tank top for like the ONLY day I was allowed to wear it! Having my Mom bring over croissants, fruit, yogurt, champagne for us to eat all morning! Blasting Iris's iPod for all of us to dance to! Greeting each bridesmaid as they made their way to the room. Getting a call from my brother David, telling me that one of my "missing" bridesmaids had showed up at his hotel looking for the party...silly Jenn!, having G-Money come to our room, take our order for In N out so we could all be well nourished for the big ceremony, having my girls (including Mom) head down to the Boys room to give Jason his wedding gift from me- upon their return I found out they'd all done a SHOT with the boys (Including my mom!), having Huy make his way up to our room to give me my wedding gift from Jason (A beautiful diamond pendant necklace that i wore with my dress), having a fabulous photo shoot on the balcony with my girls, heading downstairs to the Limo, watching Iris pop our bottle of champagne while in the moving car (Such progress we've made!), Toasting to a great day for a wedding with my ladies, seeing my Brother's and Dad for the first time "all dolled up" and loving their reaction to me, hiding from guests in the venue bar, seeing my soon-to-be Father In Law for the first time in my gown and loving that his face melted and the tears began to flow like a river, hiding out in the pro shop as Jason and his boys made their way to the ceremony, telling my brother Nathan to change the subject as he tried to tell me how beautiful I looked as we walked down arm in arm to Jason (we ended up talking about shoes...much better topic to discuss!), loving walking with both my Dad and my Oldest brother to greet my future husband, seeing Jason cry his eyes out as we approached him, hugging my dad, getting a kiss on the forehead from my Dad, seeing Jason and my Dad hug, feeling so proud and blessed to be standing next to Jason- the man that WANTS to marry me, as my Brother Dave marries us, my Mom stands by my side, my nephew walks down the aisle as a ring bearer, my sister in law watches with my Brother and Father in the front row, my new in-laws sit and cry out of joy on the other side, getting to kiss my HUSBAND, doing our fabulous surprise dance for our guests, toasting sake after the speeches, loving the speeches that Huy, my Mom, Lindsey and Kevin made, getting frustrated by the 3 people who keep asking me if I've eaten anything every 30 seconds (Jason, Kevin, Lindsey!!! haha), cutting the cake and NOT smashing it in Jason's face (Though I REALLY wanted to), having a dance party with everyone!, walking through sparklers at the end of the night, hopping in the Rolls Royce with my husband as we wave goodbye to our friends and family, realizing that an old Rolls Royce isn't quite as private or intimate as a regular limo would have been, walking into our upgraded hotel suite to find champagne and rose petals EVERYWHERE (Courtesy of my amazing husband) feeling completely at peace and content with life and so happy that I made it to where I was so that I could marry the man I did!

HAPPY 1 year Anniversary Jason! I LOVE YOU!


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a great day to be married :) I hope you are thoroughly enjoying this day!

  2. awww it was so much fun!! love you guys.