Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nursery DONE!

Yesterday, Jason and I got right to work finishing up the nursery. I was definitely NESTING and Jason was fully aware of how i was feeling...that's all I'm going to say about that!
So our goals for yesterday were to get the dresser in place (Jas spent ALL last weekend getting it stained, finished and sanded), putting up some shelves, and stocking everything for the arrival of Logan! I can honestly say we completed all of our goals and in my humble opinion, the room looks great! So without further adieu, let me take you on a tour!

This is the view Logan will have every morning has he wakes up from a restful night of sleep at Laubster Cove! Really with this picture I was just trying to capture the awesome Wind Chime that Jason's Grandma Lynn got for us at our first shower. We have a pretty constant breeze in our neighborhood, thanks to the near by ocean, so it's great to hear it's chiming in the background of our day to day life.

Here is the far corner of the nursery that is set up as the Changing Station (An area where I'm SURE we'll spend lots of time). The room is basically cut in 1/2 because for now we currently have our desk and file cabinets set up along one entire wall of the nursery (I say "for now" because I'm not convinced that the desk will stay where it is...the nursery works with it in there, but I'm not sure if an OCCUPIED nursery will work with the desk in there...only time will tell!). I Love the shelving that my Mom and I got at Target last weekend- I must give a shout out to power tools right now too. I remember growing up and doing little things to our home when I lived with my Mom and EVERYTHING always seemed SO difficult, and every shelf we put up, every piece of furniture we put together was just kind of "ok" because by the time the thing was up on the wall or standing on it's own, we were so frustrated with how long it took that we didn't care if it wobbled slightly if you had too much change in your left front pocket as you sat down- HOWEVER, I will say watching Jason put shelves up, furniture together with a power tool seems to make a world of difference. And yes, you've interpreted that story correctly- the not so great furniture had NOTHING to do with mine and my mother's skills, it has EVERYTHING to do with the lack of a power tool. Obviously. Moving On...

Here's a better view of the shelving we've got above the changing table. The Construction Piggy Bank has to be one of my most favorite pieces. Funny story too- my Mom and i found this at Nordy's last weekend, and after seeing it there was no discussion about whether it should be purchased- Grandma swooped it up and bought it for Logan. I called Jason's Mom to tell her all about it because she had purchased similar piggy banks for Matt and Lee Wey's twin daughters last year- well, unbeknown to me until last night, while we were purchasing this piggy bank, Nancy was at HER local Nordy's doing the SAME thing! She was actually ordering it because the one she found at her Nordy's had a chip in it! Great minds think alike I guess!
I also love the letters we have on the top shelf. We bought them as plain white letters, and I painted the "L"'s and Jason took over the J! I Love them! I think they're just so cute! The 2 baskets on the lower shelf house some essential...stuff, that I GUESS we'll need. I know it all looks tidy and perfect right now, and I think I can already hear the snickering of mothers reading this thinking "Oh silly first time Mom, that shelf will be a disaster in 2 weeks time!" that may be, but for now, it's perfect and I LOVE it!

This series of pictures shows the OTHER corner of the room. The items shown in the crib are what Logan will be taking home with him from the hospital. The little bear is a bear that Jason and I bought specifically for Logan when we were in Kauai. The Hospital said we can bring a stuffed animal to keep in the baby's bassinet so that's our plan with "Kai" (After I wash him of course). The little lobster outfit is what Logan will be coming home in. We're going to leave the outfit out in the living room for a few days so the kitties can get used to it's feel and smell and not attack it when we walk in the door with Logan in a few weeks. And the blanket was a gift from our Seattle shower and we're going to use that to drape over the car seat as we get to our apartment.
The Glider is a great piece. When I mentioned that I wanted one, Jason rolled his eyes and said that my big splurge item was the stroller...but I found this glider on sale at Walmart! A ridiculous price made it all possible- and i must say, it's VERY comfortable! And it even has pockets so I can put a bottle of water, some reading material or blankets for the little tike as we're having some special Mommy and Baby time together.
The bookshelf is one of my favorite pieces as well. Jas and I got this when we moved in to our last apartment. Originally we weren't going to use it in here, but once we started getting a lot of great books as gifts, we realized we HAD to put it back up!If you look closely, you'll see we have some New meets Old items residing on the shelf. Up top, we have Logan's baby book (A gift from Hillary) and behind it we have Jason's baby book (His Mom gave it to us at our shower- such a treasure!). ON the bottom shelf we have 2 sets of playing rings. The one one the far right is Jason's from when he was a baby (Again, a gift from Jason's Mom), and on the left, we have a *NEW* set of rings for Logan!

Thank you for visiting Laubster Cove! We hope to see all of you in PERSON over the next few months to meet the latest addition to our family.

We are now having weekly doctor appointments, and while most are uneventful (Listening to the heartbeat, measuring my size and asking the doctor any questions we have). The next BIG appointment is on June 17th. At that appointment, we'll do another ultrasound to determine the babies position and size. Both Jason and I agree that we think the doctor will have us go right to the hospital that day (or the next) to induce us. If Logan is anywhere near as big as he was at our last visit (Meaning, if that last reading of 7lbs, 6oz was accurate at 34 weeks), then there shouldn't be any need to let him continue to grow inside, which will only make the delivery process a lot harder. I think I'm as prepared as I can be for any delivery method that we may stumble upon. The grandparents are on call to make the flight down to LA to be the firsts to see their Grandson, so hopefully all of them are able to make it down in time!


  1. I love the nursery, you guys did an awesome job! And his little coming home outfit with the laubsters, too cute :) I can't wait to see pictures of your little guy, hopefully not too much longer!

    I just realized how I spelled lobster, I'm leaving it :)

  2. It's the best way to spell LAUBsters!! hehe...our poor child is going to forever spell that word "wrong" according to his teachers :) hehe glad you like the nursery!!