Monday, May 31, 2010

Let's Here It For The Boy...

The Boy in this scenario is my fabulous Husband, Jason. I wanted to take a minute and give him a BIG shout out for being so wonderful. He has spent the last 3 days sanding, finishing and making the changing table for Logan's room perfect. Literally- 3 days. He took the dresser to his job site first thing on Saturday, and didn't get home until 8pm (And only because we were all going to dinner so we needed him to join in on the fun!), then Sunday he was at it again until the sun went down, today- which is a holiday for MOST, but not for him (Well, it KIND of is but he was planning on going in to work before the dresser was ever brought up here and working on getting his billings in order for this month) he's spent all day working on it as well and hasn't even made a dent in his actual WORK for the week! He's stressed, and i feel AWFUL that he's put off his career work stuff for the dresser, but the girly-girl in me is secretly loving it and thinks its adorable that he's working so hard and is being so involved for Logan- not that I'm surprised, it's just really sweet to see. So while I've told him how much I appreciate him and love what he's doing, I just wanted to make it a bit more public by stating it as so on the Blog! haha :)

Aside from all of that, I had an amazing weekend. My Mom was in town- she drove down from Seattle and brought the dresser with her. This dresser was her Grandmother's, then it was given to my Mom when she was a young girl, then it was given to me when i was a young girl- I used it all through my childhood and in College (Colorado), and I just love the idea that Logan and whatever other Children we have will get to use it as well! Jason is working on sanding the dresser, and staining it a nice deep brown color to match the rest of the furniture in our nursery- it's going to look awesome when it's all done!
So while Jason was working on that, Mom and I got to work setting up the nursery. We headed to Babies R Us with my cousin Erin (Who is in LA for 2 days via a layover before heading out to London, Scotland and Paris today!) to pick up the remaining essentials on our registry that we hadn't yet received. Wow. We definitely helped out the economy this weekend! You're welcome America! But I think we got everything we need! We set up the nursery in such a way that when Jas is done with the dresser, we just need him to slide it into place and I'll begin filling it with the essentials! So exciting! having it all organized makes the room look so much bigger and makes everything seem so REAL! I'll post pics as soon as the dresser is in place and the clutter has been put away!

While the weekend was fun, it really took it out of me! I slept almost all day today, and my feet are just NOW starting to not ache! So with this new found burst of energy, I'm going to get to work on getting some personal paperwork done so I can start the week fresh!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!


Monday, May 24, 2010 this a glimpse into the future?

Does anyone else picture Logan looking something like this little boy?

This picture was borrowed from our maternity/newborn photographer's blog and I feel like I'm looking at my future son! The hair color + the blue eyes + the face shape + the it!

It's a BOY!!!!

I know what some of you are thinking..."DUH! We already knew that about your baby" well this post is not about MY's about my best friends baby! Lindsey and her husband Jason found out this afternoon that they too are pregnant with a baby boy!! Of course, Lindsey and I are already seeing their future together as BFF's...they'll hang out whenever we go visit each other, whenever we go on family vacations together they will be 2 peas in a pod, they'll want to go to the same college, be roommates, be in each others weddings, be the godfathers' of each others children...ok, woah...I'm going overboard :)

I'm just VERY happy for the Brown's and I cannot wait to see how the pregnancy progresses- knowing that a little Man is the one who is going to change their lives forever!!!

Love you Linds (& Jason)! Congrats you THREE!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big Ol' Baby

Well, we just got done with our doctor's appointment and our due date is staying the same...June 29, 2010. So why were we measuring a little larger than normal? Because Logan is a little larger than normal!

The doctor had some funny reactions while taking measurements of the "little" guy...when measuring the head she said "Oh..umm...ya, that just means he's really smart...REALLY smart", when measuring the length of one of his legs, we got the "oh wow!" haha. She said that the weight measurements at this point aren't that accurate, but as of today, Logan weights 7lbs 6oz...ya...and we still have 6 weeks to go. I know. Crazy.

So seeing that weight, obviously brought some questions to mind...
1. When do we induce?
2. Is there a need to even go through the labor portion if the baby is showing signs of being too big to fit? Should we just do a C-Section?
3. How big is this baby going to get?

For the first 2 questions, the doctor said we can begin talking about that stuff when it gets closer. At 38 weeks we'll do another ultrasound to get a more accurate idea of size and weight. She said it is possible to do an induction at 39 or 40 weeks because at that point, the baby is fully "Cooked" and there really isn't a point of having him continue to grow if he's already a good weight. For the third question, the doctor said that she actually thinks the baby will be in the 8 or 9lb range when everything is said and done. I can handle 8 or 9 lbs...10lbs is a whole different story, but she said she'd be very surprised if Logan came out 10lbs. Phew!

As for how I'm feeling...I'm doing great. This news hasn't scared me at all, I'm actually thinking of the benefits of having a big baby...better sleeper, awesome biceps I'm going to get from carrying him around everywhere...this could all turn out to be a very good thing!

And I know that in previous posts I"ve noted my desire to have a natural birth- and while that is still my ideal situation, given the information we have now, I'm not being pig headed about main goal for the delivery is to have a healthy baby when all is said and done. If that means I need to deliver via C-section, so be it. If we have to induce causing my contractions to be stronger and closer together than they normally would, then bring on the epidural. I really just want Logan to be healthy and HERE so I'm open to whatever method will give me that outcome :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

34 Weeks...?

Here's our pic from this past of today, we're saying we're at 34 weeks, but we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow where all of that may change! At our last appointment, the Dr. thought that we were farther along than originally figured (As many as 3 weeks farther along! Yikes!)- so he had us schedule an ultrasound appointment so he, and our other doctor, could get a better look at Logan and see just what he's thinking inside there!

I have a feeling that they are going to tell us we're actually at 36 reason for thinking that is simply a timing thing. As of now, the Dr's believe we conceived on October 8th, well, on the 9th, Jason and I headed up North to help care for his mom as she recovered from an emergency appendectomy. On the drive up, I was being particularly saucy to the love of my life, which caused him to say to me "I certainly hope you are pregnant right now, because you are REALLY being a ..." you get the picture. Next, my Mother In Law noticed that I was extremely tired and eating A LOT. Those of you who know me know that I tend to eat like a bird, but she was quick to notice that I was eating full meals or at least hungry for a full meal ever few hours. Next, we met up with Jason's 11 year old brother for lunch one day, and when I walked into the restaurant he said "You look different...what's going on with you? Why do you look weird? You're like...glowing..." haha. So I think most Mom's will agree that if we conceived on the 8th, symptoms so strong as those that I've just mentioned would not appear a mere 24 hours later- right? So...we'll see!

Our main doctor thinks that we're still right on schedule, but are just carrying a big whatever i going on, I would just like to know SOMETHING!

My Dad flies in tomorrow which I'm SUPER excited about :) So I'll post pics of that after the weekend!

Enjoy the belly!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Starting to Prepare

Who needs to pack a hospital bag when you can make a CD instead?

This morning Jas and I finalized our song list for the delivery...who knows if we'll actually end up playing it, but I will definitely be playing it in my car as I drive to and from work each day until this bambino arrives- so at least Logan will know the songs one way or, it's a great keepsake for us and family members! Here's what made the final cut:

1. Danny's Song by Kenny Loggins
2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow/It's a Wonderful World by IZ
3. Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles (Logan kicks a LOT when I play this song in the car already)
4. You've Got a Friend by James Taylor
5. Stand by Me by Ben E King
6. This I Promise You by *Nsync
7. If I Could by Jack Johnson
8. Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie
9. Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding
10. Life is Wonderful by Jason Mraz
11. Better Together by Jack Johnson
12. Huckleberry by Toby Keith
13. Smile by Uncle Kracker
14. Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble (Granted, this song is about finding a boyfriend/girlfriend but the lyrics "I just haven't met you yet" and "I promise you kid, I'll give so much more than I'll get" seem fitting)
15. Capri by Colbie Caillait
(Bonus: Push It by Salt-N-Peppa...we debated whether to put this on there or not, but it just makes me laugh SO hard when I think of actually pushing to this song! It HAS to go on there!).

Looking forward to putting this all together this weekend!

Friday, May 14, 2010

1 Year and Counting...

One year ago today, I was...
Waking up in a hotel room with my closest girlfriends shouting "It's Wedding Day!It's Wedding Day!!" The rest of the morning was consumed with the rest of the bridal party coming up to the bridal sweet to begin our ritual of getting ready for the big day! Some highlights I will always remember are:
Wearing my "Sexy Little Bride" tank top for like the ONLY day I was allowed to wear it! Having my Mom bring over croissants, fruit, yogurt, champagne for us to eat all morning! Blasting Iris's iPod for all of us to dance to! Greeting each bridesmaid as they made their way to the room. Getting a call from my brother David, telling me that one of my "missing" bridesmaids had showed up at his hotel looking for the party...silly Jenn!, having G-Money come to our room, take our order for In N out so we could all be well nourished for the big ceremony, having my girls (including Mom) head down to the Boys room to give Jason his wedding gift from me- upon their return I found out they'd all done a SHOT with the boys (Including my mom!), having Huy make his way up to our room to give me my wedding gift from Jason (A beautiful diamond pendant necklace that i wore with my dress), having a fabulous photo shoot on the balcony with my girls, heading downstairs to the Limo, watching Iris pop our bottle of champagne while in the moving car (Such progress we've made!), Toasting to a great day for a wedding with my ladies, seeing my Brother's and Dad for the first time "all dolled up" and loving their reaction to me, hiding from guests in the venue bar, seeing my soon-to-be Father In Law for the first time in my gown and loving that his face melted and the tears began to flow like a river, hiding out in the pro shop as Jason and his boys made their way to the ceremony, telling my brother Nathan to change the subject as he tried to tell me how beautiful I looked as we walked down arm in arm to Jason (we ended up talking about shoes...much better topic to discuss!), loving walking with both my Dad and my Oldest brother to greet my future husband, seeing Jason cry his eyes out as we approached him, hugging my dad, getting a kiss on the forehead from my Dad, seeing Jason and my Dad hug, feeling so proud and blessed to be standing next to Jason- the man that WANTS to marry me, as my Brother Dave marries us, my Mom stands by my side, my nephew walks down the aisle as a ring bearer, my sister in law watches with my Brother and Father in the front row, my new in-laws sit and cry out of joy on the other side, getting to kiss my HUSBAND, doing our fabulous surprise dance for our guests, toasting sake after the speeches, loving the speeches that Huy, my Mom, Lindsey and Kevin made, getting frustrated by the 3 people who keep asking me if I've eaten anything every 30 seconds (Jason, Kevin, Lindsey!!! haha), cutting the cake and NOT smashing it in Jason's face (Though I REALLY wanted to), having a dance party with everyone!, walking through sparklers at the end of the night, hopping in the Rolls Royce with my husband as we wave goodbye to our friends and family, realizing that an old Rolls Royce isn't quite as private or intimate as a regular limo would have been, walking into our upgraded hotel suite to find champagne and rose petals EVERYWHERE (Courtesy of my amazing husband) feeling completely at peace and content with life and so happy that I made it to where I was so that I could marry the man I did!

HAPPY 1 year Anniversary Jason! I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank Goodness for Progression!

Last night Jason and I had our final class in our Birth/Parenting Prep session at St. John's Hospital. Last night's class was all about breastfeeding. We* learned a lot (*Jason was reluctant to go, and even afterwards didn't fully understand why he was there... I can only do so much I guess!), and it was a really cool class. The teacher/lactation consultant was awesome, and I'm really happy to know that she works in the Lactation Department at St. John's so should I have any problems or need some advice, she may be the one to help me! Very comforting thought! The class gave some great tips, talked about technique, how to take care of baby, when to feed baby, how to take care of yourself etc- all very helpful, and made me feel a lot more confident about being able to do this! I'm sure there will be hiccups along the way, but knowing I have a huge support system at St. John's will help me out a TON, I'm sure!

The reason I titled this entry as I did is because of the following picture:

THAT is a breast pump from the 1800's...yes, they had breast pumps back then. They also had baby formula (Though it wasn't very successful!) so to all of those nay-sayers who don't understand the need for Lactation Consultants, or don't understand why some women have problems "These Days" with breast feeding- just take a trip in the time machine and know that women have been trying to do this for YEARS, and have not always been so successful! Anyway, this thing just looks PAINFUL compared to what is out there today:

So I'll say it again, thank GOODNESS for progression!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just a Typical Weekend...Cleaning, Family Visits, Cat Attacks

That's attacks. Our oldest Cat, Earl, went a little nuts this weekend, and unfortunately, Jason was his victim (But thankfully, Jason was his ONLY victim). Jason's cousin Matt stopped by for an afternoon visit on Saturday with his 3 children- 5 year old Ethan and 1 year old twins Maya and Anya. Jas went downstairs to bring the family up to our apartment while I stayed inside. As the group made their way back to our apartment, one of the babies started crying- loudly. As Jason opened our front door to bring the twins in, one of the girls started shrieking. Earl heard this noise, and started to attack. Thankfully, Jason was a great barrier between Crazy-Earl and the Girls, unfortunately, Jason's thigh, shorts and hand were caught up in the fight. As Jas deflected Earl's attacks, the girls started shrieking again and Earl went back for more. As this was going on, I was on the phone with Lindsey. When I saw what was happening, I shrieked, told Lindsey I had to go, ran over to Earl and pulled him away from Jason and threw him into the bathroom for a timeout (Quick apology to Lindsey who thought my screams of "Omigod! Omigod! Linds, I have to go!" were signs of my water labor yet just crazy cats). Jason followed me into the bathroom and he was VERY cut up. His shorts were ripped, he had several scratch marks on his upper thigh, and a few deep scratches on his hand. As Jason cleaned himself up, I tended to Matt and the kids. One of the girls had gotten a scratch on the bottom of her foot and was bleeding a little bit. Matt quickly cleaned it up and everything was all good. Jas and I were pretty freaked out by what had just gone on because Earl has NEVER acted so violently, and he is such a cuddle-bug when it comes to Jason and I and has never acted out like this. My personal opinion of what was going on in Earl's head when everything went down is that he didn't realize the screams he heard were coming from a baby...the door was still closed when the screams were within ear-range, so to Earl, they probably sounded like a cat screeching or getting in a fight. Honestly, he may have been trying to protect me, thinking that an angry animal was coming in to our home uninvited. We don't know for sure what Earl was thinking, but in the 6 years I've been his Mom, I have never seen him act like this...ever.
As the day went on, Jason tended to his wounds and was feeling alright, except for the puncture wound on his hand. He kept looking at it, feeling it, and it was obvious that it was causing him a lot of concern. A few hours later, the location of the wound was really swollen, pretty red and Jason said it was throbbing when his hand was down...not good. After dinner with my Brother and his girlfriend, Jason mentioned that he was concerned about his hand, and that it was hurting worse and worse. I decided to call my Mom to see what she thought we should do (My Mom tends to have a lot of medical knowledge since her Dad was a Doctor, and she worked for him in the hospital and his office for several years)...she told us to be very careful with this wound since it WAS a puncture wound. She said that those types of wounds can be very dangerous because if there is an infection, there is no way for the wound to get out because it just gets trapped. So we decided to head to the Emergency Room and see if they could help us. We were seen by a nurse and a doctor pretty quickly, and all agreed it was a good idea that we came in. They gave Jason an antibiotic shot, then hooked him up to an IV that gave him some more antibiotics, and then wrapped his hand up in a pretty intense splint/cast and gave him a prescription for another antibiotic. All in all, I think it was a good idea we went to the ER...even if Jason thinks the final outcomes was a little excessive....

Hopefully this was a one time incident and Earl will NEVER act like this when Logan arrives. Lindsey suggested that we create a CD of babies crying to play around the house so the cats can get used to the noise....I think they'll do better when they see Logan in the house being quiet at first and then get used to him making the noise, but we're willing to give anything a chance.

Jason's doing much better now, though his hand is hurting worse than it was yesterday...I'm sure once the antibiotics get in his system he'll start feeling better.

Poor Baby...attacked by an Alaskan Snow Kitty!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Songs for the Delivery Room CD

These days, Delivery rooms are pretty accommodating to the Mom in labor- our room at St. John's has a flat screen TV, nice wood finishes on everything, pretty large, WiFi etc. There's also a CD player in our room, and I've heard of several couples making a CD for their baby to be welcomed into the world with. You can play the CD before going to bed so the baby hears it, play it while laboring, play it during the delivery and then as needed during recovering and throughout your life with your baby! I really like this idea, and I think Jason and I are going to make a CD for little Logan's are the songs I'm thinking of adding so far...any suggestions are MORE than welcome:

1. Danny Boy by Kenny Loggins
2. If I Could by Jack Johnson
3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow by IZ (Hawaiian guy)
4. Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles
5. You've Got a Friend by James Taylor
6. Push It by Salt-N-Peppa (Long standing inside joke between Iris and I...we always said that whenever one of us had a kid, we'd play this song for encouragement!)
7. This I Promise You by *Nsync (I'm sure a certain Mr. Laub will vito this one straight away...but c'MON! You gotta give Mama a little *Nsync to make the pain go away!)

What else can everyone think of???

Monday, May 3, 2010

Excuse me Dr. many weeks do you think we're at?

So, last week Jason and I had our 31 week check up...or so we thought! At this stage of the game, our appointments are pretty quick...weight check, blood pressure check, listen to the heart beat and measure the belly with a really advanced piece of equipment...fabric tape measurer.

So this appointment started out like any other weight was increasing (of course) and my blood pressure was actually high for once...however, I had just walked up 5 flights of stairs and was still a bit winded. Since my urine sample didn't show any suspicious protein in it, there was no need to set off the Toxemia Alarms just yet (sidebar: My mom had Toxemia when she was delivering both my Oldest Brother Nathan and me...this disorder can be hereditary so my doctor is aware of the situation and is monitoring it as needed- so far, no cause for alarm!).

At this particular appointment, I was seeing Dr. Blumenfeld because our regular doctor, Dr. Morris, was running a bit late. Jason and I adore Dr. Blumenfeld- he is hilarious. He always tells us our baby is "Perfect" and that he Loves our baby- which we love hearing! He started the appointment out by giving me a High 5- which is always fun! we heard the heart beat- all was normal, or "Perfect" as Dr. B would say, and then he pulled out the tape measurer to measure my belly...and that's when things got's how it went down:

Dr. B "Ok, everything looks perfect...tell me, how far along are we?"
Me: "Currently, we're 31 weeks but we'll be 32 on Tuesday" *our appointment was on Thursday
Dr. B "Yes, yes, 31 weeks...or 32...or 33...or 34"
Me: Too stunned for words at first..."Ummm...what? Really?"
Dr. B "Yes, yes I Think so...come in to my office, we'll chat"

So basically he had nothing new to say in his office, except that at our next appointment he wants to do an ultrasound so that we can get a better idea of Logan's weight, size and position...if we are indeed 3 weeks ahead of where they originally thought they were, that would mean that at our next appointment we would be at 37 weeks and FULL TERM! WHAAAT?! Crazy!

To counteract all of that excitement, Jason ended up running into our regular doctor, Dr. Morris, while at his jobsite and told her the news...Dr. Morris was pretty skeptical about Dr. Blumenfelds prognosis...she is pretty confident that we have the right conception date and thinks that if anything, we may just be carrying a big baby...wait, why did I just type WE may be carrying a big baby...*I* may be carrying a big baby...and boy can you tell! So, in 2.5 weeks, we'll have the ultrasound and we'll figure out our next step from there! Should we be that early, I think we're prepared...the nursery is a bit of a disaster, but we can clean it up lickity split once we know what's going on.

On top of all that, I think I had my first bout with Braxton Hicks contractions tonight. On my drive home I just started getting so uncomfortable, had a pretty severe pain in my stomach area and my belly was VERY tight/hard like they say it will get during contractions. Once i got home, put my feet up and drank some water the pain subsided which was good. It was a little scary, especially since we don't really know what's going on with how far along we are, but oh well, I survived!

Ok, sorry for the extra long posts...but I wanted to catch everyone up on what's going on!!

So Many Showers, We Need an Umbrella..Ella...Ella..Ella...

This past weekend concluded our whirlwind of Showers we were thrown up and down the West coast by our closest friends and family! We had an amazing time at each one, and feel so blessed and loved to have been thrown THREE showers, all in honor of our little guy!

First up, was our San Francisco Bay Area shower, thrown by Jason's Mom, Aunt Loli and Uncle Bob. The shower was held at Bob and Loli's house- and we so appreciated them lending their home to all 40+ guests that arrived! They rented chairs and tables for the outside (Though, Mother Nature wasn't quite cooperating and we didn't use them as much as we thought we would). Jason's Mom did an amazing job preparing all of the food, and getting all of the decorations set up- it was really so great to see all of her hard work in action! She even took the time to pull out some of Jason's baby things for everyone to enjoy- she put out Jason's baby book (Which was amazing to see! The woman collected EVERYTHING from Jason's childhood!! I have never seen such a complete book!!), some of his toys (The classic rings!), and a few of his favorite apparel pieces- including some Mickey Mouse sunglasses, his first pair of shoes and a lovely yellow cardigan that Nana made for him! Here are a few shots of that day:

Next up, was our Seattle shower- thrown by my Mom, Sister-In-Law, and good friend Elizabeth with assistance from my BFF Lindsey and other good friend Jen! The weekend started out on my 29th birthday- which is the best way to start any weekend! My mom treated me to a mani/pedi to prep for the party- which was a nice, but interesting experience! My Mom had warned me that the massage chairs at this salon were a bit "Vigorous". At the time, my back was killing me, so a vigorous massage chair sounded heavenly...however, I think if I had used the chair on it's massage settings throughout the ENTIRE mani/pedi I would have done some severe damage to Logan! They were definitely vigorous! Also, just before the pedicurist started to work on my feet, she brought over this plastic bag full of pink liquid...without even telling me what was in the bag or asking me if I wanted any of it, she shoved my foot in to the bag...of boiling hot WAX! Normally I'm all about a nice paraffin wax, but I usually like a little warning...and I also don't like being pregnant while partaking in this activity! After the bags were tied onto my feet she asked me "You like? Is this Ok?" Well what did she want me to say at THAT point?! Once she took the bags off, I caught a glimpse of my feet...which resembled humongous walruses with toes at that point- they were SO swollen from the heat it was a bit frightening! Anyway, despite those little quirks, it was still a great day spent with Mom!
The shower was held at the Clubhouse at my Mom's neighborhood- we had Thanksgiving here last year and it is a great space for entertaining. When I arrived at the party room, I was taken aback by how great the room looked! My Mom, Gretchen and Elizabeth had certainly outdone themselves with every detail! Gretchen made a diaper cake, adorned with sea shells and a chocolate "Laubster" on top! The table with food was scattered with blue gems and sea creature/bath toys. Elizabeth hung up little newborn onesies throughout the room and my mom scattered balloons from every corner- complete with ribbons that shouted "It's a Boy!". Mom also made cupcakes that were SO delicious!!Lindsey arrived with the Favors she had been talking about for weeks- she kept telling me how excited she was to give them out at the shower, and I couldn't imagine what they could be! Once she showed me, I could see why she had been SO excited- they were awesome! Since this was a co-ed shower, she created a set of favors for the ladies and another set for the dudes...the girls were given popcorn balls that had labels on them that Lindsey made that said "She's about to Pop!" and listed my due date- adorable! For the guys, Lindsey and her husband headed to the Pyramid Beer Brewery near their home and bought some beer to which they attached labels that renamed the beer "Baby Brewing in the Belly Beer" again- so adorable! Not to mention creative! We played a couple of games including a mad-lib sort of game which at the end of the game let us all in on the Life and Times of Logan Laub! Hilarious! The 2nd game asked all of the guests to get in groups of 4 and cut out different images from magazines to create our child...there were some VERY scary pictures! But all were done in good fun! All in all it was a really fun day spent with our peeps in the Great Northwest!

Finally, this past weekend we were thrown our third and final shower here in LA...Jas was spared from going to this shower since it was just for girls (Trust me, he was really broken up about it!). My friends Becky, Angie and Iris hosted the event and I have to say they did an amazing job! Our apartment complex has a great party room that is available to the residents to rent out- so once the girls asked if they could throw me a shower, I immediately thought of having it at the Crescent Park party room- and it worked out great! The girls set up the room amazingly- they covered the pool table and laid out all of the amazing food that they MADE...yes, made! Becky made a great pasta salad, Angie created a delicious salad and some very scrumptious cupcakes (Complete with the same chocolate laubsters we had at the Seattle shower)! Iris set up a Onesie Art table for guests to draw and paint on onesies for us (Those that participated made some adorable ones that Logan will definitely bes sporting!)! We played some great games (Baby team won! and Baby Word Scramble which was actually REALLY hard!). It was so nice to just have all of my closest friends and coworkers over for a nice afternoon of baby/girl talk and enjoy a lot of social time before Baby Boy arrives in the world :) Thank you so much ladies for making me feel SO special right here at home!

So thank you to EVERYONE who hosted, attended and particiapted in any one of our showers! Jason, Logan and I feel so loved by everyone in our life that is excited about this new life we've created. We cannot wait to meet him in just a few short weeks!!!