Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well, not just yet, but SOON! I just got done paying a deposit for a CUSTOM BLOG DESIGN by the fabulous Danielle Moss.

You're probably asking yourself "What's wrong with this blog? Why does she need to pay someone to design a blog?" Well, it's not FOR this blog...it's for a NEW blog!

Now, you're probably asking yourself "What's wrong with this blog? Why does she need ANOTHER blog?" Well, to put it simply i want to do more with my writing than I can do here.

I started this blog to keep the out of state friends & family that Jason and I have in the loop with my pregnancy and then life with Logan - and since the beginning, I've gotten compliments on my writing style and have been told that I should do SOMETHING with it. In conjunction with the ability to write, I've felt a bit of a calling since becoming a Mom to reach out to OTHER mom's and share the experiences I've had and how I've dealt with certain situations. I love the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" and I truly believe that it does - the only problem is that in today's world there is no more village - people rarely live near their families any more ,and it seems that your closest friends can be contacted through a keyboard and not by knocking on their front door. So I wanted to do something that would bring that village back to reality. I wanted to create a space where Moms (and Dad's) could go to read up on a fellow mom's daily doings, as well as get some advice on tough situations or just day to day decisions that Mom's have to make.

I am REALLY excited about this next step and where it may lead. Jason has been an AMAZING supporter in all of this and has really pushed me to get this all going.

So as I said at the beginning, my deposit has been paid and now I just need to fill out my order form to Danielle and let her know what I envision for my blog and within a couple of weeks we'll be live!

Who's WE you ask? Why, "The Mommy Stop...Where Mom's Go to Learn, Laugh & Relax"

I hope to see you there!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Need 100 Photos? Order from Snapfish!

I absolutely LOVE snapfish.com - I think Jas first showed it to me when we started dating and I've used it ever since to order photos from. I ESPECIALLY Love them when they have a great deal - a few months ago they had a special where you could order 100 prints for 100 pennies...oh yes, that's 100 PHOTOS printed and mailed to you for ONE DOLLAR! Say what?! I couldn't believe it and went crazy trying to narrow down my hundreds of Logan photos to just one hundred (Tougher than it sounds). I managed to find 100 that would do, put them in my shopping cart and waited for Snapfish to tell me they'd made a mistake...but nope! I was charged $1 for the prints and then like $3 for shipping or something. It took a little while to get the shipment, but since I wasn't doing anything immediately with the photos it was worth it in my mind.

Well, just the other day I got an email from Snapfish telling me they're having the same sale AGAIN! This time they're doing 200 prints for $2 or 100 prints for $1...and these are all 4x6 color photos!

If you don't have a Snapfish account, sign up and if you do have one, go sign in and pick out 100 or better yet, TWO HUNDRED photos to have shipped to you! You have to order by July 26 in order to get the deal.

And no, this post is not part of any blog contest I'm doing - I Just genuinely love Snapfish! haha :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mr. Clean (junior)

For years I've been asking Jas to be Mr Clean for Halloween...now that we have a bald son who obviously got the cleaning gene, I think they have to go as Mr. Clean Sr and Mr. Clean Jr...and I can be a dustball or something!

This video was taken a few weeks ago while Jason, Logan and I were Skyping with Jason's Mom - at one point, Logan walked away, grabbed his toy vacuum (a gift from Grandma B!) and started "Vacuuming"...he walked himself right under the table and got to work! Obviously, Daddy had missed some spots the last time he vacuumed so Logan wanted to make sure he got those areas cleaned up!

Jason's Mom is on the computer when you hear her voice and see Logan pointing at the end :) Isn't technology amazing?!

He's a crazy one!

And we're crazy about him!


Logan loves himself some Peek-a-boo....especially when it involves an instrument!

I have no words...

This kid loves music!

I dug out this table toy for Logan that he used to play with on the ground (the legs are removable) but ever since we got 8 million new toys for his birthday, it's been put away. Well, from the looks of this video, I think it's here to stay!


Well...sort of. In the grand scheme of things we went pretty UNwild to be quite honest, but we still had a great time! Who needs 2am bedtimes and hangovers while in Las Vegas? Not Mr. and Mrs Laub...also known as Mr. and Mrs. VIP! Holla! Oh yes, our casual weekend getaway quickly turned into quite the event when the hotel (for some unknown reason) upgraded us to VIP! Let the life of luxury begin!

After a surprisingly easy goodbye to Little Man, we began our weekend on our own without Logan...our first since he was born, over 1 year ago! Say what?!

We didn't waste any time at the airport and hit up the first bar we saw and ordered some drinks to get us in the right mindset for Vegas. We boarded our flight and had a bit of a scare as the pilot told us that due to thunderstorms in Las Vegas, there was a chance we wouldn't be able to land - so they were going to try to fly out there and if they couldn't land they'd turn around and go back to LA...Umm...excuse me? No, we did not plan a STAYcation this weekend, we planned a NO-KIDS-VACATION! Luckily, the thunderstorms subsided just for us and we landed with ease! Now on to Red Rock right?


We headed to baggage claim and waited for our bags....and waited...and waited...aaaaaand went to the Delta customer service center to ask where our luggage was. Of course, it was in Los Angeles...where else would it be? We later learned that Delta stands for Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive...good acronym, would have been helpful to know BEFORE we booked our flight (I did decided, however, that when I fly BACK to Vegas in August for a bachelorette party I will be carrying on my luggage in hopes of avoiding this disaster). We were told that our luggage would arrive at our hotel anywhere between 6pm and 10pm...fantastic window.

Anyway, we headed out to the car pickup and made our way to the best resort EVER. Seriously, I love Red Rock - it's clean, classy, luxurious, and fun! You don't need to leave the resort grounds for anything! They have everything you need right there! When I come back to Vegas in August we're staying at The Flamingo which I hear is amazing but I know I'm going to be pining for my quiet hideway that is the Red Rock Resort :)

There was a long line of people waiting to check in when we first arrived so we headed to our favorite bar for another cocktail. It was about 5 minutes in to our first drink that I felt REALLY excited for the weekend ahead of us - Jas and I were having a great conversation about how life had changed in the past year, and how far we'd come as a couple - we discussed the challenges we'd faced and talked about how we thought we'd do things differently or the same for the rest of our children - it was just so nice to reconnect with him without running after or thinking about Logan (ok, we were still thinking about Logan, of course, but not like we would if we'd been in the same room, city or STATE as him!).

Once the line died down at the front desk, we headed over to check in...that's when the fun REALLY began! We were told that we needed to be escorted to the VIP lounge to check in...Okaaaay. I was thoroughly convinced at this time that they'd gotten the wrong name - that they thought we were Mr. and Mrs. JEFF Laub or something - but nope, they knew right away that we were Mr. and Mrs. JASON Laub. They welcomed us to the hotel, told us that they had us staying in one of their Signature Suites (when they mentioned that I nearly spit out my water because the Signature Suite is the room type that we stayed in for my bachelorette party- a room we booked to fit about 6 girls!), and that our dinner that night would be on the hotel...what was going on!? We had no idea, and still have no idea! But we went with it! We went with our VIP room keys that got us in to the VIP elevators for the whole weekend, we lounged in our living room and sat at our dining room table and kept our ice bucket at the wet bar and used BOTH bathrooms just because we could!

The rest of the weekend was divine - we had dinner at the Sushi restaurant Hachi that first night, and the next day we rented a covered cabana by the pool and got massages at the spa. We hit up the italian restaurant for dinner that night after a couple games of bowling. We gambled until midnight (party animals!) then got some ice cream from the food court and called it a night. The next day we watched "Horrible Bosses" at the movie theater and counted down the minutes until we could hug and cuddle our little guy again!

It was an AWESOME weekend that we both thoroughly enjoyed and we can't wait to head out on our own again!

Love you Jas!
A picture Jas took from our hotel room - awesome right?

The fruit the gals from the VIP lounge sent up...I have no idea what the speckled fruit is...

Our living room without the flash...
Our room WITH a flash (The bedroom is through the door on the right)

Loving the cabana life!

Laubster Love!


Who woulda thunkit?
I will say that in general, the cats have both been coming around a lot more. I've noticed that Chase/Munchkin is ALWAYS a paw length away from Logan. He's never in his face or wanting to necessarily play with Logan, but everywhere Logan goes, Chase will surely follow.

Earl has always been SO tolerant of Logan and his hits, pinches and pulls and it just keeps getting better. Logan is learning to PET Earl as opposed to attack him, so I can see these two cuddling together in the next couple of years.

Someone's getting bigger!

Last weekend I decided to sit Logan in one of his big boy car seats (I say "one of" because we bought 2 of them...like 6 months ago...I know, ridiculous...BUUUUT, they were a crazy good price at Costco and the planner in me just couldn't pass it up! (I realize that normally that sentence should read the Bargain Hunter in me but I honestly don't think there IS a bargain hunter in me, however, there IS a planner and that planner could foresee the day when Logan would need a bigger and more comfortable car seat)....)...just to see if he fit in it yet, oh yes, he fits and how great does he look? He seems SO comfortable in this new seat, I almost feel bad putting him in the infant carseat now! But, the infant car seat is made to hold him up until he's 32" and 32lbs, we've got at least 9 more lbs to go on that one (Not for this mamas biceps though, I'll tell you that much right now!) - but I think it's time to make the transition. Especially before we drive up to San Francisco the weekend after next - I'm hoping that if he's comfortable enough he'll sleep the majority of the way or just hang out back there on his own and we'll only have to stop to change his diaper as we stop for gas....fingers crossed!

Post Bath Time CRAZINESS (the G-rated version)

Look out Playa Vista! Logan is squeaky clean and running wild...who needs clothing when you've got a duckie towel on your head and a bottle in your hand? Not Logan!

I was able to add the heart censors via the google photo program Picnik! Love it!


That's what those chubby cheeks just scream to me...SCRUM-DIDDLY-UMPTIOUS!

I took this photo with my phone last weekend when Logan and I went out for a walk and stopped to watch some kids enjoying a sports class in the park. They were running up and down the grass (attempting to) kick soccer balls - it was pretty entertaining. Logan kept "oohing" and "Woahing" at the kids as they ran around - I can't wait to get him in a class like this!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

2008: Jason was down on one knee proposing...best 4th of July ever!

2010: Logan was 11 days old and we were loving him up...best 4th of July ever!
2011: Logan is walking, laughing and growing in to his personality more and more every day (And he slept through fireworks AND a random fire alarm going off...he woke up to the fire alarm, but went right back to sleep after it stopped so he's not def!)...best 4th of July EVER!

It keeps getting better! LOVING THIS LIFE!

Here's Logan's tribute to the 4th...Strawberries (Red), cottage cheese (White) in a bowl (Blue)

Friday, July 1, 2011

One last post before bed...

Lisette took a video of Logan showing of his latest skill...CLAPPING!!