Sunday, November 11, 2012

Guess What! We're Having A...

We found out what we're having on Friday and we decided to reveal it in a special way :) We had the ultrasound tech keep the results a secret from us and had her write it down on a piece of paper we brought in with us. Then we drove to a nearby park with 4 pink balloons and 4 blue balloons, after taking a few pictures, Jason pulled out the piece of paper and told me which balloons to release! As you'll see from my face, I was quite surprised!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Monthly Pregnancy Update - 18.5 Weeks

Here's a pic we took last week and a pic of me from around the same time when I was carrying Logan - what a difference a 2nd pregnancy can make!
Here's the first pic we took this pregnancy - 17.5 weeks

Here's me while pregnant with Logan - .5 weeks farther along than the above photo. Oooh the days of a smaller belly!

1. How far along? 18.5 Weeks

2. Total Weight gain/loss: Thankfully I'm gaining now...but slowly. I think it's still around 4lbs.

3. Maternity Clothes: I bought a pair of larger jeans before we got pregnant so those thankfully fit as do my 1 pair of non-maternity work pants. I did buy some (hideous) work pants that I've worn a few times, and they work, but are probably the least flattering pair of pants I've ever worn (and that's saying a lot if you've known me since middle school!)

4. Stretch Marks: Not a one!

5. Sleep: It's definitely not as restful as it was a few weeks ago...I'm not physically uncomfortable but I did wake up a lot more throughout the night just because...maybe it IS physical but I'm not realizing it, but it certainly is annoying!

6. Best Moment this week: A few minutes ago, when I felt the baby kick for the first time!

7. Movement: Yup! I felt GRAND movements the other day, but I wasn't 100% sure if that was the baby or not (though I have no idea what else it would be), I even thought I felt THE BABY from the outside, but I'm fairly certain that doesn't happen until MUUUUUCH later...but again, what in the heck did I feel if it wasn't the baby? But just tonight as Jas and I were watching TV I felt a bunch of flutters all in a row - baby is here and KICKIN'...officially! Yay!

8. Food Cravings: Still no appetite is getting better, but it may just be because I'm forcing myself to eat. I've been making protein shakes in the morning and trying to make lunch for myself to take to work so I can snack throughout the day.

9. Gender: We find out FRIDAY! You can be sure that there will be a post about that!

10. Labor Signs:! haha :)

11. Belly Button: Still in, but it looks FLATTER than it normally does which is just weird. Belly buttons weird me out during pregnancy. I'm totally that girl who will attempt to COVER the outie button once it pops...ugh, it grosses me out.

12. Wedding Rings on or off? Still on, and surprisingly I took them off to clean the other day and they came off more easily than they had before I was pregnant. Go figure!

13. What I miss: Feeling cute in my clothing! While there's definitely a belly, it's just still in that weird stage where some of my non-maternity clothes fit and a lot of my maternity clothes DON'T fit so I just kind of look like a sack of potatoes in everything I wear. Or a sack, with 1 VERY large potato in it.

14. What I am looking forward to: Friday November 9 so we know if we're having a LaubstO or a LaubstA!

15. Weekly Wisdom: Pregnancy is a state of mind (You can quote me on that). People keep asking me how I'm feeling and I think that's SUCH a weird question. I'm done with the first trimester, so I feel great. I definitely feel DIFFERENT than I do when I'm not pregnant, but that's because I'm pregnant! I think one way to deal with pregnancy and all of the physical curve balls it can throw at you is to put your physical state in a different folder than normal, put it in a PREGNANCY folder and things may seem more manageable. You're building a HUMAN inside you - if you didn't feel at all differently that would just be weird.

16. Milestones:We're out of the first trimester and looking forward to the remaining weeks!