Monday, May 3, 2010

So Many Showers, We Need an Umbrella..Ella...Ella..Ella...

This past weekend concluded our whirlwind of Showers we were thrown up and down the West coast by our closest friends and family! We had an amazing time at each one, and feel so blessed and loved to have been thrown THREE showers, all in honor of our little guy!

First up, was our San Francisco Bay Area shower, thrown by Jason's Mom, Aunt Loli and Uncle Bob. The shower was held at Bob and Loli's house- and we so appreciated them lending their home to all 40+ guests that arrived! They rented chairs and tables for the outside (Though, Mother Nature wasn't quite cooperating and we didn't use them as much as we thought we would). Jason's Mom did an amazing job preparing all of the food, and getting all of the decorations set up- it was really so great to see all of her hard work in action! She even took the time to pull out some of Jason's baby things for everyone to enjoy- she put out Jason's baby book (Which was amazing to see! The woman collected EVERYTHING from Jason's childhood!! I have never seen such a complete book!!), some of his toys (The classic rings!), and a few of his favorite apparel pieces- including some Mickey Mouse sunglasses, his first pair of shoes and a lovely yellow cardigan that Nana made for him! Here are a few shots of that day:

Next up, was our Seattle shower- thrown by my Mom, Sister-In-Law, and good friend Elizabeth with assistance from my BFF Lindsey and other good friend Jen! The weekend started out on my 29th birthday- which is the best way to start any weekend! My mom treated me to a mani/pedi to prep for the party- which was a nice, but interesting experience! My Mom had warned me that the massage chairs at this salon were a bit "Vigorous". At the time, my back was killing me, so a vigorous massage chair sounded heavenly...however, I think if I had used the chair on it's massage settings throughout the ENTIRE mani/pedi I would have done some severe damage to Logan! They were definitely vigorous! Also, just before the pedicurist started to work on my feet, she brought over this plastic bag full of pink liquid...without even telling me what was in the bag or asking me if I wanted any of it, she shoved my foot in to the bag...of boiling hot WAX! Normally I'm all about a nice paraffin wax, but I usually like a little warning...and I also don't like being pregnant while partaking in this activity! After the bags were tied onto my feet she asked me "You like? Is this Ok?" Well what did she want me to say at THAT point?! Once she took the bags off, I caught a glimpse of my feet...which resembled humongous walruses with toes at that point- they were SO swollen from the heat it was a bit frightening! Anyway, despite those little quirks, it was still a great day spent with Mom!
The shower was held at the Clubhouse at my Mom's neighborhood- we had Thanksgiving here last year and it is a great space for entertaining. When I arrived at the party room, I was taken aback by how great the room looked! My Mom, Gretchen and Elizabeth had certainly outdone themselves with every detail! Gretchen made a diaper cake, adorned with sea shells and a chocolate "Laubster" on top! The table with food was scattered with blue gems and sea creature/bath toys. Elizabeth hung up little newborn onesies throughout the room and my mom scattered balloons from every corner- complete with ribbons that shouted "It's a Boy!". Mom also made cupcakes that were SO delicious!!Lindsey arrived with the Favors she had been talking about for weeks- she kept telling me how excited she was to give them out at the shower, and I couldn't imagine what they could be! Once she showed me, I could see why she had been SO excited- they were awesome! Since this was a co-ed shower, she created a set of favors for the ladies and another set for the dudes...the girls were given popcorn balls that had labels on them that Lindsey made that said "She's about to Pop!" and listed my due date- adorable! For the guys, Lindsey and her husband headed to the Pyramid Beer Brewery near their home and bought some beer to which they attached labels that renamed the beer "Baby Brewing in the Belly Beer" again- so adorable! Not to mention creative! We played a couple of games including a mad-lib sort of game which at the end of the game let us all in on the Life and Times of Logan Laub! Hilarious! The 2nd game asked all of the guests to get in groups of 4 and cut out different images from magazines to create our child...there were some VERY scary pictures! But all were done in good fun! All in all it was a really fun day spent with our peeps in the Great Northwest!

Finally, this past weekend we were thrown our third and final shower here in LA...Jas was spared from going to this shower since it was just for girls (Trust me, he was really broken up about it!). My friends Becky, Angie and Iris hosted the event and I have to say they did an amazing job! Our apartment complex has a great party room that is available to the residents to rent out- so once the girls asked if they could throw me a shower, I immediately thought of having it at the Crescent Park party room- and it worked out great! The girls set up the room amazingly- they covered the pool table and laid out all of the amazing food that they MADE...yes, made! Becky made a great pasta salad, Angie created a delicious salad and some very scrumptious cupcakes (Complete with the same chocolate laubsters we had at the Seattle shower)! Iris set up a Onesie Art table for guests to draw and paint on onesies for us (Those that participated made some adorable ones that Logan will definitely bes sporting!)! We played some great games (Baby team won! and Baby Word Scramble which was actually REALLY hard!). It was so nice to just have all of my closest friends and coworkers over for a nice afternoon of baby/girl talk and enjoy a lot of social time before Baby Boy arrives in the world :) Thank you so much ladies for making me feel SO special right here at home!

So thank you to EVERYONE who hosted, attended and particiapted in any one of our showers! Jason, Logan and I feel so loved by everyone in our life that is excited about this new life we've created. We cannot wait to meet him in just a few short weeks!!!

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