Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big Ol' Baby

Well, we just got done with our doctor's appointment and our due date is staying the same...June 29, 2010. So why were we measuring a little larger than normal? Because Logan is a little larger than normal!

The doctor had some funny reactions while taking measurements of the "little" guy...when measuring the head she said "Oh..umm...ya, that just means he's really smart...REALLY smart", when measuring the length of one of his legs, we got the "oh wow!" haha. She said that the weight measurements at this point aren't that accurate, but as of today, Logan weights 7lbs 6oz...ya...and we still have 6 weeks to go. I know. Crazy.

So seeing that weight, obviously brought some questions to mind...
1. When do we induce?
2. Is there a need to even go through the labor portion if the baby is showing signs of being too big to fit? Should we just do a C-Section?
3. How big is this baby going to get?

For the first 2 questions, the doctor said we can begin talking about that stuff when it gets closer. At 38 weeks we'll do another ultrasound to get a more accurate idea of size and weight. She said it is possible to do an induction at 39 or 40 weeks because at that point, the baby is fully "Cooked" and there really isn't a point of having him continue to grow if he's already a good weight. For the third question, the doctor said that she actually thinks the baby will be in the 8 or 9lb range when everything is said and done. I can handle 8 or 9 lbs...10lbs is a whole different story, but she said she'd be very surprised if Logan came out 10lbs. Phew!

As for how I'm feeling...I'm doing great. This news hasn't scared me at all, I'm actually thinking of the benefits of having a big baby...better sleeper, awesome biceps I'm going to get from carrying him around everywhere...this could all turn out to be a very good thing!

And I know that in previous posts I"ve noted my desire to have a natural birth- and while that is still my ideal situation, given the information we have now, I'm not being pig headed about main goal for the delivery is to have a healthy baby when all is said and done. If that means I need to deliver via C-section, so be it. If we have to induce causing my contractions to be stronger and closer together than they normally would, then bring on the epidural. I really just want Logan to be healthy and HERE so I'm open to whatever method will give me that outcome :)


  1. Great Attitude! can't control nature... He's gonne be here before you know it!

  2. That's right - you have a wonderful outlook on things! There's no telling how things will play out - but what you DO know for sure, is that your experience will be wonderful and special for you both :) Keep on cookin' Mr. Logan!