Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank Goodness for Progression!

Last night Jason and I had our final class in our Birth/Parenting Prep session at St. John's Hospital. Last night's class was all about breastfeeding. We* learned a lot (*Jason was reluctant to go, and even afterwards didn't fully understand why he was there... I can only do so much I guess!), and it was a really cool class. The teacher/lactation consultant was awesome, and I'm really happy to know that she works in the Lactation Department at St. John's so should I have any problems or need some advice, she may be the one to help me! Very comforting thought! The class gave some great tips, talked about technique, how to take care of baby, when to feed baby, how to take care of yourself etc- all very helpful, and made me feel a lot more confident about being able to do this! I'm sure there will be hiccups along the way, but knowing I have a huge support system at St. John's will help me out a TON, I'm sure!

The reason I titled this entry as I did is because of the following picture:

THAT is a breast pump from the 1800's...yes, they had breast pumps back then. They also had baby formula (Though it wasn't very successful!) so to all of those nay-sayers who don't understand the need for Lactation Consultants, or don't understand why some women have problems "These Days" with breast feeding- just take a trip in the time machine and know that women have been trying to do this for YEARS, and have not always been so successful! Anyway, this thing just looks PAINFUL compared to what is out there today:

So I'll say it again, thank GOODNESS for progression!!

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