Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shepard Logan

He just needs some sheep!!

New Friends!

Jason's oldest friend Jessica had a baby boy almost exactly 1 month before Logan was born. We've been waiting to get these 2 together for some time, and we were all so excited that it worked out to meet up over the Holiday weekend. Jessica got the boys matching outfits that we had them wear :) I'm only posting photos that don't show August-West that well because Jessica hasn't posted any pics of him on Facebook yet because she wants to get her birth announcements out first...so while we don't have that many mutual friends, I would just hate to spoil her plans and leak the footage of her gorgeous baby boy :) So here are some shots of the two boys together, with the focus being on Logan...

Thanksgiving #2

Thanksgiving #2 took place at cousin Desiree & Gary's home in Sacramento! Such a fun night for all!

Logan having fun with GiGi!

Logan and Auntie Kim!

The two Mrs. Laubs and young Mr. Laub!

Our gracious Host and Hostess with the Man of the Hour
Uncle Colby and Logan!

Angelique the baby whisperer....

So sweet...

Thanksgiving #1

The Blakeman/Irwin Clan! Logan meets his Cousins Anya and Maya and Aunt LeeWey for the first time!

All dressed for the party!

Pure Joy

Logan and Grandma B!

Matt and Logan

Auntie and Logan

Meeting the twins for the first time!


Chef Logan...you'll see where he got this hat in a moment...

Despite the nasty-ness on his bib, he seems pretty happy!
(Please disregard how gross his bib is...we were snapping photos quickly and he spit up in the middle of it all)

A Kiss for Logan!

Everything in the mouth!

Thanks Anya!...or is that Maya?


Logan...your not old enough to stand!

...Or are you?

Fun With Bubbles

San Luis Obispo Weekend

At the end of October, we headed to the Central Coast for Cal Poly's Homecoming weekend. We rented a house with a few of our closest friends and had a great time! We headed home on Halloween, so Logan was a bit festive! Enjoy!

These are horribly out of order...but you get the idea...we had a great weekend!

Daddy and Son on the balcony of our rented home.

Randall and Logan

Mommy and Baby in the rose garden

Daddy found a pumpkin!

We stopped by Pismo Beach and the Sand Dunes on our way home...we happened upon some kite surfers...so cool!

Daddy and Baby at Daddy's name plate

Cal Poly Sr. holding Cal Poly Jr.

Such a grumpy Laubster!!

Self Portrait
We found this house while walking...isn't it perfect?

Our favorite little Captain!

Lots of catching up to do!

Wow! I think I forgot that my blog is NOT facebook because I just realized that I haven't posted ANY of the adventures we've had in the past month! So please allow me to bombard you with photos of the following....

- Visiting San Luis Obispo

- Halloween

- Meeting new friends (Thanksgiving weekend)

- Meeting new family (Thanksgiving weekend)

- More turkey fun (Thanksgiving weekend)

- Mommy making Logan wear funny things

I'm not going to do a lot of writing...just photos!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Many Faces of a Teething Baby

Logan's diaper at this moment was UNUSUALLY nasty....we think it may have something to do with the teething!

Noon on Tuesday is my favorite time of day...

...Because at that time, both the DAY and the WEEK are halfway over!!

I know my post from yesterday was a BIT dramatic...but Monday's are hard! I'm sure any working parent would agree...you have to leave your blissful land of baby-snuggles and enter the harsh world of WORK...not that staying at home isn't WORK...it is, but it's a bit more rewarding...I think so at least.

But never fear! It's Tuesday at noon so my spirits are up!

I'm also really REALLY hopeful for the very near future as Iris and I are about to open up our own Etsy.com shop! I don't want to say anything about it on here until it's up and running- at which point I will have an ENTIRE post boasting about our shop and what you can get, how much you can get it for and how you can tell ALL your friends about it!

Be on the lookout for something SASSY...and something LAUBSTERY :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday's Are The Hardest....

Sitting in a damp, garage, at my plywood desk that gives me slivers every time I run my arm across it,
Listening to old men swear
Drinking a cup of too dark tea, with artificial sugar but no spoon to stir it with
Getting a headache from the insanely loud jobsite noises going on just outside my office
No phone to call out with
No motivation to work harder
All the while, wishing my days were filled with baby kisses, singing songs, long walks an play dates.

My time would be much better spent enriching the mind of a growing child, than losing mine in a dark, damp garage, with dark tea and artificial sugar and a headache from all of the noises.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Social Butterfly

Logan has started making a few friends, and has been on a couple play dates recently! The first was with our friend Carla (Married to my coworker Justin) and her 7-week old son Kai! Carla and I met for lunch and then went to a Gymboree Play & Learn class with the boys- it was a blast! Logan loved having so many other babies around, and he loved all of the songs we sang. I decided to join Gymboree so we can keep going to the classes :) We get to go to 2 per week, so I'll take him on Fridays and then Lisette can either take him on Wednesdays, or Jason can take him on Saturdays :)
The second play date was with our friend Amanda (Jason's old roommate) and her son James who is just 2 weeks younger than Logan! It was fun to see these 2 boys together because they're doing the same development things- raspberries with their lips, trying to sit up, tummy time- we think they'll become life long friends together! I'm dying for Jame's keen fashion sense to rub off on Logan (ie Amanda's keen fashion sense to rub off on me!)


Tummy time on a mirror at Gymboree! Logan did great!

The whole class! It was evenly divided - 4 boys, 4 girls! But oddly enough, all of the boys stayed on ONE side of the mat, and all of the girls on the other...it felt like a middle school dance...with very small middle-schoolers.

Kai and Logan! Logan looks ENORMOUS next to "little" Kai, but they were roughly the same size when they were born- just 4oz apart! So I'm sure Kai will look enormous soon enough!

Hello Logan! I don't even remember Logan being as small as Kai! Sad!

Wow. This doesn't look forced at all!

Checking each other out.

Don't you just LOVE James' cheeks?? And his hat?? And his Jacket??

It's as if Logan is saying "No James, don't slouch! Sit up straight like this!"