Friday, August 26, 2011

If You're Happy and You Know It...

Jump up and down like a crazy boy! hahaha :)

No, Logan...Thank YOU!

Listen to our sweet little boys "words" at the very end of the video :)

What Will Logan Be When he Grows Up?

Engineer? Athlete? You decide...

Tiny Dancer

It's been so long since I posted, I don't remember if this is one of the videos that made it to the blog in the past (And I'm far too lazy right now to check), but even if you've seen it before, I'm sure you won't mind seeing it again!


On our way home from the San Francisco marathon in July Logan started to turn...turn to what, you ask? Well, a tiny crazy person. This video is only a fraction of his behavior but our 6 hour drive home was filled with random screams, several tantrums and LOADS of fun! I think it was all due to teething and quite frankly, he was probably sick of being in that damn car! This video is of Logan and I in the parking lot while Jas ran over to Chipotle to get us some lunch...Logan is perfectly content with his puffs, a comfy car seat and yet he's screaming. Awesome.

And he's Up!

This is Logan's new thing...standing on anything that will hold him (And attempting to stand on things that WON'T hold him...ouch). It's a tough spot to be in as a parent- do I rush to his side and remove him from the object before he gets upright so he avoids a fall, or do I let him fall and let him figure out on his own that standing on an object with wheels is NOT a good idea? Well, I've been listening to the Trial By Fire method and so far it's been working - except for the fact that Logan is a mini Yoga Master who can stand upright from his push cart toy, stand there perfectly balanced for a bit and then crouch down with one leg outright and the other bent then gently step off of the toy without a bruise or scrape to show for it...WHAT?!

He pulled this move today and it looked very official...and political...should I refer to him as Mr. President from here on out? Hopefully he'll figure out how to wear pants between now and the next 34 years :)

Like Chuck-E-Cheese...minus the lice!

Remember the big pool of balls they had at Chuck-E-Cheese that was SO awesome when we were kids? Then remember the reports that came out that noted the absurd amount of lice and fecal matter found in those pits? Ya, not so awesome.

We went to a 1st birthday party recently that found a great alternative to the lice and poop problem mentioned above! A kiddy pool filled with 100+/- plastic balls for the little ones to play in!

I think Logan kind of had a good time....And looked mighty cute in the process!

I think someones found his outfit for the rehearsal dinner at Auntie Jenn's wedding in a few weeks!
Sharing is caring guess for what he's probably doing while making this face...

How Do You Get Purple Poop?

You eat blueberries!! And Mr. Logan LOOOOOVES making purple poop...and his scrunchy nose face!

Gettin' Our Science On

A couple of weekends ago we thought it would be a great idea to take Logan to the Los Angeles Science Center - in particular the EcoSystem Exhibit portion of the science center since yours truly worked on building that project and I've never visited it since it has been completed!

In all honestly, Logan is probably a couple years too young to fully enjoy a place like the Science Center - he was amazed at some of the aquarium like exhibits but wasn't able to explore as much as he would be if he was a little older. Oh well! Something to look forward to later!

It was as really fun (And cheap) afternoon - it was *FREE* to get in to the science center (Which surprised me -when is anything COOL ever free in LA?) - here are some of our favorite pics from the day!


That was seriously the biggest fish I've ever seen (Not that I've seen a lot of fish in my life...) I overheard an employee say that that fish was somewhere around 85lbs

Can you spot the 3rd lobster in this picture? Looks like he's posing from the tank!

Self Portraits

My cousin Erin is a self-portrait GURU...I, am still working on the skill...hence the photos below...

Take 1

Take 2


This is what life is like in our home when Daddy comes home!

It's the best...for us, probably not for our downstairs neighbors! haha :)

Jason's 1/2 Marathon (Long overdue!)

I'm sorry for my lack of posting as of late, LIFE has just gotten busy, but this weekend I plan on getting everyone up to speed on the Life of the Laubsters!!

Back in July, Jason successfully completed his SECOND 1/2 marathon! He did the SF 1/2 marathon last year as well and he decided a few months ago he wanted to go for it again! Last year he did route #2 and this year he did route #1 because it ran over the Golden Gate bridge. Because he did each route over the past 2 years the SF marathon categorized him as a "HALF IT ALL" participant so he got a SPECIAL medal at the end of the race! So cool!

The day started EARLY...and when I say EARLY I mean 3am early. I think Jason's Mom and I were secretly dreading that wakeup call from the moment we found out how early it would be! But, despite it still being dark out when our alarms started beeping,we all (Logan included) made it out the door on time! Woo Hoo!

We drove Jas down to the start line, took some pictures and then Mama Nancy and I headed off to to the finish line to wait for our running least that was the plan.

Mama Nancy and I (with Logan of course), walked back to the car and started trying to set up the GPS to get us to Golden Gate park. After a few minutes, we finally found a route that worked for us. We gave each other a celebratory High Five and set to be on our way...that is until the car died. Yup. totally died. It was weird and a little scary, but Mama knew just what to do. She called up AAA and someone showed up within about 20 minutes to jump the car and send us on our way!

We made our way to Golden Gate park and positioned ourselves right at the finish line...Jason and I had talked about possibly handing Logan off to Jason as he ran across the finish line....did we do it? Oh yes we did!!

Jas crossed the finish line in great time - I think about 10 minutes BETTER than he'd done the year before! Awesome!

We headed out to breakfast after the race, then hit up Giradelli Square to indulge in some chocolate...then we all headed home and took a much deserved NAP!!

Congrats on the race Jas!!!


I ran across this link on facebook the other day and I was laughing so hard I was shaking and crying all at once...Logan has become a bit more...umm...animated over the past few weeks...a little more wild and a lot more BOY-like....picturing him with his crazy hair and big ol' belly running back and forth in our apartment while thinking these thoughts was just too much for me to keep my composure! The full post can be found here (

Each of these “emotions” lasts about 3 seconds.

  1. I wanna play with Daddy’s phone.
  2. I wanna put on Mommy’s shoes.
  4. I wanna open and close the thermostat.
  5. I wanna turn on and off the light on the microwave.
  6. Is there anyone here with a phone I haven’t played with yet?
  8. I wanna pick up the cat by it’s head.
  9. I wanna throw all the toothbrushes in the sink.
  13. I want out of my chair.
  14. I wanna play with the iPad.
  15. I wanna go outside. No, I wanna turn the heat on.
  16. I wanna take my pants off.
  17. I don’t like the shirt I’m wearing.
  18. I wanna play with Mommy’s phone.
  20. I’m thirsty.
  21. No, not for that.
  22. Yes, perfect, juicebox. I’m gonna squeeze this damn thing all over myself.
  23. Where’s Daddy?
  24. Where’s the cat?
  25. Where’s Mommy?.
  27. Oh my God I think Mommy left forever.
  28. Ok, there’s mommy. I want to play with her phone
  29. Hungry again. Never mind
  30. I just remembered not liking these pants. Get them off.
  32. Wow, I’m starving. I want peas but I don’t know how to tell anyone.
  33. Finally, peas. I like throwing these.
  35. Oh look, a new person. I wonder if they have a phone.
  36. Im tired.
  38. I wanna go for a walk but I don’t wanna go outside.
  39. No, not inside either!
  40. I need to push some buttons right now.
  41. I hate this diaper.
  42. My eyes itch.
  43. WOW! Is this my toe?
  45. I hate these pants.
  46. This shirt itches.
  47. I’m tired.
  48. Stop asking me if I’m tired.
  49. Where’s that toy that goes beep.
  50. I wanna take a bath in my clothes.
  51. Put on my favorite song.
  52. Where’s the cat?
  53. What is UP with my shirt?
  54. Did I just hear a dog bark?
  56. I wanna see a dog.
  57. No, not OUTSIDE! I wanna see a dog inside.
  58. Is my penis still there? Good.
  59. I peed.
  60. I’m bored.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meant to be a LAUBster?

So, for some reason, I really like extending people's names when I talk to them...I work with a guy named Jeff, but I always call him Jeffery, sometimes, when he's out of ear shot, I refer to my brother as Nathaniel and I always refer to Lindsey as's just my thing...I'm weird, I know. Well, Logan's name is pretty much as extended as it's going to get so a few weeks ago I started calling him my own version on Logan... "LANGOSTA" I liked the sound of it and it KIND of sounded like Logan so I went with it. Well, when we were up North for the SF marathon, I referred to Logan as Langosta while amongst some friends - one friend looked at me and said "What did you just call him? Langosta? What does that mean?" I told him it didn't mean anything and that I'd made it up...because I honestly thought that I had. But APPARENTLY, that's not true...somewhere in this massively complex brain of mine, I managed to store a few words I must have learned from Spanish class 15 years ago because LANGOSTA means...


Who knew?! I think it's meant to be!

Dancing Laubsters!!

I came home from work today, and Lisette told me Logan created a new dance move...we turned the music up and had a dance party - he busted this little squat and twist move and we both laughed hysterically! It's the cutest thing EVER! As Jason put it "You would think he was mimicking someone's moves on the screen, but really, he's just making up his own moves!"

There's no denying his rhythm...I mean c'mon...look who his parents are...or really, look who his MOTHER is! hahaha...Ok, Dad's got some sweet moves too :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do you LOVE it?

Presenting one major design element of the new blog's different than where I first started when dreaming up this new blog, but I think it is going to be AMAZING...chic, classy, modern, feminine and of course FABULOUS :) Danielle is going to make some color changes to the design but I think it's all going to look SO great, I cannot wait!

More to come in the next few weeks :)