Friday, May 7, 2010

Songs for the Delivery Room CD

These days, Delivery rooms are pretty accommodating to the Mom in labor- our room at St. John's has a flat screen TV, nice wood finishes on everything, pretty large, WiFi etc. There's also a CD player in our room, and I've heard of several couples making a CD for their baby to be welcomed into the world with. You can play the CD before going to bed so the baby hears it, play it while laboring, play it during the delivery and then as needed during recovering and throughout your life with your baby! I really like this idea, and I think Jason and I are going to make a CD for little Logan's are the songs I'm thinking of adding so far...any suggestions are MORE than welcome:

1. Danny Boy by Kenny Loggins
2. If I Could by Jack Johnson
3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow by IZ (Hawaiian guy)
4. Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles
5. You've Got a Friend by James Taylor
6. Push It by Salt-N-Peppa (Long standing inside joke between Iris and I...we always said that whenever one of us had a kid, we'd play this song for encouragement!)
7. This I Promise You by *Nsync (I'm sure a certain Mr. Laub will vito this one straight away...but c'MON! You gotta give Mama a little *Nsync to make the pain go away!)

What else can everyone think of???


  1. Is there a DVD player? After I got my epidural (not sure if you're planning on getting one - it was amazing btw), we had several hours to wait to get fully dilated - I watched Goonies & The Sound of Music (i don't think I finished this one)! haha, totally random I know, but 2 of my favorites. So maybe bring a funny movie to enjoy while you wait!

    I am sure Jas will LOVE the nsync addition to the playlist :)

  2. So maybe with the 4hour beg-end delivery I didn't have the most typical of experiences, but everything we prepared, the music, massages, snacks, relaxation in a bath... all in our wonderful room.... well, none of it happened!
    I am not saying you shouldn't think about it and put it all down as part of your delivery plan; I still think it was a good idea for us to put it all together, because we talked about the day, our expectations, different options, the environment we wanted to bring our baby in... I would have missed out on something great hadn't we done just what you are doing.

    Just know that it could go just as you planned and imagined or could be completely different! Either way you'll still have your beautiful Logan with you and a great CD to listen to :-) Happy Mother's Day Ash!

    Wow that was an earful!