Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Sorry everyone for being so MIA lately! I'll try to add a more detailed post in a bit, but in a nutshell, here's what we've been up to over the past few weeks:

- Newborn photo shoot with Monkey & Peas Photography
- Grandma Hanson arrives for her visit
- Jason, Logan, my Mom and myself make our first road trip up to San Francisco (Logan did Great!)
- Jason runs and VERY successfully completes the SF 1/2 Marathon with his cousin Jenn!
- My Brother, Sister-In-Law and Nephew visit us from Seattle for a few days
- My Mom leaves (Saaad Face)
- My Brother, Sister-In-Law and Nephew leave (Another sad face)
- I attempt to resume life without my Helper Mom
- Logan sleeps 8 hours (I sleep 4 hours because I didn't got to bed when he did...dang!)
- Logan sleeps 6 hours (Mom sleeps 6 hours!)
- I get comfortable enough with everything to venture out 2 days in a row- 1 day being almost a full day outing to Pasadena!

Here are some pics of these adventures...again, I'll do some more detailed posts later...maybe this weekend :) Enjoy!

Naked Baby! Hasn't quite grown that Bubble Butt yet, but have no fear, it will appear!

"Hello, penny for your thoughts?"

Go Jason and Jenn!!

Mom, Nate, Gretchen and Mr. Luke!

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