Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 Month Appointment and Sleep for Mommy!

Logan had his 2 month check up today and it went great! We learned that our little chunk-a-monk is 12lbs! He gained a whopping 2lbs in 4 weeks- pretty impressive (i'm going to give a little credit to myself here as well, since I am that main food source for the "little" guy), he also grew a full inch and is now measuring at a nice 23-1/4" long! Quite the little string bean! His thighs are nothing to mess with though, those things are CHUUUUBBY! I love it :) His arms are getting there as well, but that darn midsection of his is just staying true to his Hanson/Underhill heritage and not quite expanding (Let's talk to him in 40 years though! Ha!)- but in my eyes, he is PERFECT so I am totally happy with any size he is. He's just above the 50th percentile for both height and weight...head circumference is a different story, however! I think he's in the 75th percentile there (And that's being conservative I believe!).

At the appointment Logan also received his first round of vaccinations-

he receive the DTaP/IPV/HiB (combo)shot, Prevnar shot and the Rotavirus oral vaccine (Funny story- as the nurse gave him the oral shot she laughed because he just pretty much gulped it down and she said "wow, most kids do NOT like the taste of this!" I looked her and said "C'mon, the kid is 12lbs, there isn't too many things he turns down in terms of food!"). He did pretty well with the shots- he was fine at first as i distracted him, but then suddenly it hit him like "Wait...that was painful! What in the HELL just happened??" and started fussing...but he was over it within a minute or 2. They gave him some Tylenol which allowed him to pass out on the way home. He didn't have too many lasting affects of the shot, he was a bit fussy that night as Jason took care of him (more on that later), and at around 2am I decided to give him another dose of Tylenol because he felt a bit warm- it calmed him down and he went back to sleep in a much cooler state. Today he's good- sleeping a lot and overall in pretty good spirits!

Now back to my husband...who is AMAZING. I'd been having a hard time sleeping because Logan was having a hard time sleeping. Well, come Wednesday morning the lack of sleep had taken it's toll. The first thing I did when I woke up was email Jason and ask him for help- I asked that he come home at a reasonable hour that evening and take over for Logan. I promised to have bottles prepared in the fridge...and without hesitation Jason agreed to come home whenever i needed him :) I think my day was do-able because I knew I would get hours of sleep uninterrupted! It was so nice to know that Logan was being cared for and I could just sleep sleep SLEEP! I slept from about 6:30 till 8, then got hungry, so I woke up and had some dinner with Jason then at 9:30 I went back to bed until 12:15 which is when Jason went to bed and I was back on Mom Duty :) Having those extra few hours was a true lifesaver...Thanks Babe! I LOVE YOU!

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