Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lets hear it for the boy!

So, after a loooooooong week of no sleep from baby boy, last night we finally got some! Logan and i spent the day with our good friend Judy Schneider (She used to work at Morley with me- amazing woman!), walking along the strand in Manhattan Beach (Quite the life, huh? I love it!)- poor Logan cried the ENTIRE time we were there....seriously, the ENTIRE time.
Ok, so maybe he didn't cry the WHOLE time...isn't he cute?

In front of my FAVORITE house along the strand!I love the low chairs in front!

Don't worry, Logan was covered most of the time- we just let him out of his wrap for a photo opt...I was the only Laubster that got sunburned this day!

In front of Judy's house before we started our walk! It was *H*O*T* out...I should have worn shorts!

Well, until we ended up at Wahoo's Fish Taco's for lunch- between the spinning fans and the lights on the ceiling and the waiters and waitresses who just couldn't wait to say hello to the CUTEST baby ever, he finally simmered down! But all that crying tuckered him out and when we got home, he slept for 4 hours! After cleaning up a bit, I got to sleep for 2! AMAZING! The boy hadn't slept for that long in over a week! Awesome!

That night, I did a few things different, so I'm not sure what attributed to his 5 straight hours of sleep followed by 3 more after a quick feeding:

1. I let him tell US when he was ready for bed. I tried the 2 hour rule, but he was just not tired- he was wide eyed and ready for an adventure, so I decided to go with it- every kid is different right? And sure enough, we let him play on his floor gym for a bit, then after he was rubbing his eyes and yawning I swaddled him up and cuddled him, then gave him to Daddy for more cuddles and away he went to sleep land!

2. I kept him in his PJ's all night in the swaddle. I have this fear that Logan will over heat, so most nights I put him to bed in just a diaper swaddled in a blanket, well, I'm wondering if since every night he gets OUT of the swaddle, he then becomes cold because we always have the A/C on...so kind of without thinking last night i just left him in his body suit PJ's and he slept the night away.

3. Now, this one may be the humdinger, and if so my Mom gets a big gold star....CAFFEINE. I made an innocent Facebook post the other day saying how much I loved caffeine. Like any good mother would do, my Mom noticed that post and when I mentioned something a few days later about Logan still not sleeping she put two and two together and asked "Umm...how much caffeine ARE you drinking?" I replied by saying "oh, not much just 1 or 2 Iced Teas from starbucks a week" to which SHE replied "And what SIZE iced tea are you getting?" to which I sheepishly replied "umm...a Venti..." to which she informed me "THAT's 24 OUNCES OF TEA/CAFFEINE!!!" Wowza...24? Really? Oh my! On top of THAT, I'd been snacking on some chocolate chip cookies during my midnight feedings to give me a little pick me up...guess what has a lot of caffeine in it? Yup, Chocolate!!! OOps! So, I've been off caffeine since Friday and while I'M not such a big fan of it, it may be the key to Logan's new found love of sleep!

Granted, I know this just happened one night, but I must say, his temperament has been a lot better today- he just seems back to his mellow self, so we'll see.

Getting out yesterday made me realize I need to get Logan out more...so I have a new goal- to leave the house at least ONCE every single day- be it for an errand run, or an exercise walk etc Logan and I WILL venture out even if he's screaming at the top of his lungs- its the only way to get him used to it, right??

I've made my haircut appointment for Thursday at 6pm and I am SO excited :) I've had short hair before, so I'm not nervous, just excited to have a new look to show off!

on Friday we are interviewing our first nanny- a girl named Brittany. Her profile seemed great online, so hopefully she is as good in the flesh!

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