Thursday, August 12, 2010

What is Wrong With Me?

Ok, so starting last night at midnight, Logan decided to be a total weirdo and sleep for 2 hours and then get hungry again...he then got even MORE weird and continued that pattern and ate every 2 hours until he finally fell asleep at about 6pm tonight when Jas and I headed to the that would bring us to a whopping THREE hours that he's been asleep, for those of you horrible at math, that's an additional ONE hour than he's given me in the past additional 60 minutes! So a NORMAL person would be sleeping right now- a normal person would be reveling in this new found silence and would not be able to keep their eyes open and instead would have their head, that weighs a tone due to the exhaustion, slam down on the pillow before one could even utter "Goodnight!" THAT is what a normal person would do...what am *I* doing? I am online. I am eating In N Out. I am sending emails like a neurotic person that has never seen the Internet. I am watching Real Housewives of DC and BEthenny Getting Married (But c'Mon, it's the lost footage could I not?) Never mind that these shows are TiVo'd for my pleasure WHENEVER i want, never mind that facebook is not expiring in 3 hours...nope, all of that stuff will be here when Logan wakes up, but I still can't stay away...why? Because I'm enjoying ME time. ME time cannot be fully enjoyed by viewing the insides of my eyelids, ME time can only be fully enjoyed when one is AWAKE and doing what one loves- for me, that involves PJ pants, burgers, and reality TV...oh, and online shopping...look at THESE bad boys I just purchased for $30!!! WHAAAAT?

I can sleep when I'm dead....or the next time the baby falls asleep....hopefully that's not 2 hours after he wakes up!

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