Monday, August 23, 2010

Lack of Blogging = Busier Days!

Hello to anyone out there who reads this :) I know that in the recent weeks I haven't updated the blog very much- I wish I could update more, but it seems that may days recently just don't allow that!

Logan has been doing great- he's growing like a week (Mainly from top to bottom, not so much from side to side!). Jas and I weighed him a few days ago (Weighing myself, then holding Logan and weighing myself again to get the difference) and when we did that he was 11lbs 10oz I think, which is quite the weight gain from 4 weeks ago when he was 10lbs even! Logan has his 2 month check up this Wednesday, so we'll get a more accurate weight check at that time.

At that appointment Logan will also receive his first round of's a good thing because he'll be more protected from the big, germy world we live in, but a bad thing because I'm not sure if I can handle seeing him be in pain from getting the shots! From what I hear, it's not all THAT bad, and that by the time you make it home afterwards he's completely forgotten he was ever pricked...I'm trying to convince Jason to go to this appointment with me, but so far I think I'm heading to it solo...drat!

I've started doing a few activities with the Mom's Group here at Playa Vista- I've attended 1 weekly group date with the other newborn moms, a monthly mixer at the local restaurant which was great (Though a bit nerve-wrecking because Jas was home with Logan and I was worried Logan would wake up while i was gone and demand a TON of food- and we only had 1 bottle available! didn't happen and i made it home without incident) and a New Mom Meet N Greet. The Mom's here are all very friendly and I'm really excited to do more events while we live here...they have a big DATE NIGHT planned for the end of September- it's a Casino Night theme for all of the moms and their partners- so as long as we can find a babysitter for the night, Jas and I will be in attendance! Should be a good time- and probably our first night out together without little man!

I've also somewhat started to work out...we're past the 6-week point now so I'm cleared to exercise. Its very weird having the post-prego stomach that i have now...I used to have amazingly strong abs (It was actually a bit odd that they were as strong as they were,given that I don't work out a lot... or at all), my upper abs were definitely my most firm...that area is now...squishy. It's disturbing to me to say the least. Everyone tries to comfort me by saying "It's only been ## weeks" but in my mind I say "OMG, its already been ## weeks! Get yourself together!" I'm sure it'll all come back with time so I just need to be patient, but boy oh boy is it hard! I did take Logan on a long walk today which felt really good- I tried to push myself and walk at a fast pace, and I also walked up a large walking up the hill (And down, naturally) while pushing our bulky stroller that held our 11lb 10oz baby was a pretty good workout! Haha. Hopefully I'll get to a place soon where my pants fit again and I don't cringe every time I run my hand across my stomach....

As for Logan (The real star of this blog, who cares about what I'm up to!)- he is doing great. I spoke to two friends who recommended a book to me that gave some sort of guidelines for infant sleep patterns. The main point I've gotten out of it thus far is that Logan should not be awake for more than 2 hours at a time- I cannot express how great it's been to learn that! So every day when he wakes up and is ready to go, i watch the clock and mentally prepare myself that I need to work on getting him BACK to bed in about 90 minutes- so I feed him, play with him, get in some tummy time and/or some book reading time and then it's back down for the little one. Amazingly, he falls into this schedule without much of a fight- and sleeps for a couple hours each time. This goes on all afternoon, then in the evening time it's like a switch turns on in his head and he knows it's night-time and he needs to get in mode for bed...when he goes down around 7, he'll sleep until about 10- I'll feed him, change him, swaddle him and he's ready to go back down for the night! No wide-eyed boy ready for playtime, he's ready to sleep! While last night wasn't all that great in terms of long stretches of sleep, Friday and Saturday night were amazing- especially Friday night when he slept from 9:30pm-3:30am, then 4:30am to 10am! Wow! So I definitely think we're on track to sleeping through the night which is great.

Logan is also smiling up a storm and he has found his voice- oohing and Yaa Yaa-ing at Mommy and Daddy every chance he gets! It's very cute to hear him express himself in more ways than just a cry. His crooked little smile just melts my heart- I love it. I think he's very close to turning over from his tummy to his back...I thought he was going to do it the weekend Jason was out of town, but thankfully he didn't (I would HATE for Jason to miss that!). He's close, but lately he's just gotten SO frustrated when on his tummy he doesn't do much but lay there and cry...part of me thinks that the frustration will fuel him to get on his back, but so far- it hasn't happened...but I'm sure our Roley-Poley boy will be rolling over in no time.

I'm heading out with Logan tomorrow to get his birth certificate so that the 2 of us can take our first plane ride to Seattle in mid September. Lindsey is pregnant and is having a baby shower on Sept 18th and Logan and I are flying out for the big event! Thankfully my Dad is going to be with me for the flight UP to Seattle, but then on the flight back down to LA I'm on my own- I'm pretty nervous, but I'm flying Alaska on the way down so it's a direct flight and my game plan is just to bombard the little man with food so that he is either sleeping from take off to landing or is at least quiet for the rest of the passengers. Wish us luck! Jason is staying home for this trip, we'll miss him dearly, but it'll be nice to know that we can do it on our own!

ok...Little man is sleeping right now so I'm going to take advantage of the quiet and try to catch a few Zzz's of my own- to make up for the ones I didn't get last night!

I'll post some pics and videos later tonight as well :)


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