Thursday, June 30, 2011

A visit from friends!

In preparation for the big birthday party, my BFF Lindsey flew down to LA for a mini vacation! She brought her baby boy Brock and her Mom to help out on the trip. I cannot express in words how great it was to have Lindsey around for this milestone - Lindsey is one of those friends that you just can't get enough of. I love that we both were pregnant at the same time, and that we now both have sons - its been so amazing to have a friend like Lindsey to lean o n over this past year when there have been many times I've been unsure of myself and this new role of MOTHERHOOD! Here are a few shots of our boys playing together - it's crazy how Brock and Logan play with one another. From the very first time they met, when Logan was 6 months and Brock was just 3 months old, they've had some sort of a connection - they hold hands, the jibber/jabber and they SMILE those beautiful smiles whenever they are together. It's the best!

How sweet is he?! You're not too bad either Linds!

Coming soon to a venue near you: Brown Laubster Rock Band!

Soaking up the SoCal sun...keeping our boys protected of course!

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