Sunday, June 12, 2011

11 Months!

Yet again, I'm a few weeks late on getting these pictures taken and up on the blog...sorry! But rest assured that for Logan's BIG day I'll definitely be ON it with pics on the exact day and everything!

Logan has been quite under the weather for the past few days - it all started Wednesday morning when Logan woke up with a temp of 101...we watched him that day and his temp stayed right around 101 and 102 but by 11pm it jumped to almost 103! At that point, Jas called the 24 hour nurse line associated with our pediatrician and they told us not to worry...Logan's appetite was NOTHING compared to what it normally is, and he was just SUPER tired...basically like you or I would be if we were sick. So, we tried not to worry or jump to any conclusions and instead we just cuddled him when he needed it, fed him as much as he wanted to eat and gave him a TON of fluids to keep him hydrated and healthy. By Friday morning the fever was down a lot (right around 100) and he was feeling a LOT his fever is totally gone, but he's gained some other symptoms - watery/red eyes, a gnarly cough and a nose that's running like a leaky faucet. The poor guy is MISERABLE - but from all of the research I've done, I don't think there's much we can do. It isn't recommended to give children under the age of 6 cough medicine, and since he is eating and sleeping alright, I think we just need to wait it out. I am going to give his pediatrician a call tomorrow just to see if she wants to see him - mainly because of his cough. Logan has had some sort of a cough off and on ever since the day he was born (literally) and it normally doesn't bother him - he'll cough without skipping a beat (While Jason and I skip a beat waiting to see if he is Ok!) - but this cough is different. It seems deeper and wetter and he's cried a few times after doing a round of coughing. Jason and I have also noticed him touching his chest off and on this past weekend which makes us think he's feeling SOMETHING in that area (He's not holding it in pain, but he's just touching his upper chest as he walks around which is NEW). Anyway, wow, I didn't mean for that to be that long! point of this long winded explanation was just to say that Logan doesn't quite look HIMSELF in these photos, and the reason is because he's just not feeling like himself! Poor baby!

Anyway, sick or not, he's still quite adorable :)
This might be my most favorite picture of Logan EVER. Love that boy!

Not feeling so hot...

He's chewing on the metal end of his binky strap...and I don't think he likes it

Even as bad as he feels, he still has that smile!

Cuddles with Daddy always make him feel better (And so does sticking his tongue out to lick the snot off his face...oooh boys!)

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