Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swim Lessons with DaDa

We've only gone to two swim lessons thus far in the summer...we've signed up for a 6 week session, but to be honest, the swim lessons seem kind of a waste of time. I hate saying that, but after talking to Moms in other areas who's kids are in swim lessons I Kind of feel like we're getting the shaft! Logan is fine in the water, so maybe that's why we're not getting the attention I had expected - but I think my biggest issue with the "lessons" is that there's no structure. I'm not expecting these babies to walk out of the water after 6 weeks of lessons competing with Michael Phelps, but the "teacher" doesn't even call the class to order to begin - there is no singing, there is no instruction - she just kind of swims around and stops in and talks to you saying "Kick-kick-kick"...really? Awesome.

Well, at the very least it gives Jas and I an excuse to get some super cute shots of Mr. Logan in a swim suit! Ha!

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