Sunday, June 5, 2011

Swim Lessons!!

On Saturday, Logan started "Swim Lessons". I have that in quotes because there wasn't a whole lot of LESSON-ing going on for the 30 minutes of the class, but what can you expect for a class full of 6-24 month olds?

Logan did great- kicking and splashing his arms like a champ! We'll be doing the lessons for the next 6 weeks, and really, my only goal out of all of it is to get ME more comfortable with him in the water, because as you'll see in the pictures and videos below, Logan is quite the little guppy!

Logan found a foam "T" and wouldn't let go of it the entire time

Kicking like a champ (Holding on to the "T")

Checking out the water (STILL holding on to the "T")

Sunbathing post-swim

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