Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Birthday Party!!

If I learned anything from planning Logan's birthday party, it's this...I need to take more photos!! I had visions in my head of doing an artistic blog entry which would showcase all of the hardwork I put in to planning Logan's party - it would show picture after picture of each and every detail I had thought about...too bad that didn't happen! I did get 3 good pictures of each of the tables and in those you can see what was going on for the most part - but, it's not really the decorations that matter...its all of the people that came out to the party to celebrate Logan! it meant a LOT to Jason and I to be surrounded by so many loved ones from near and far on our sons big day!! I'm just going to post a million pictures, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

This is my favorite photo...all of the sweets lined up looking scrumptious!
This photo makes me cringe! I wish I'd moved all of that junk from under the table, or used the 2nd table cloth I had to cover everything we were storing underneath...oh well! There's always next year!
This is where the food line started - there's a frame that says "Eats", the sweet table has a frame that says "Sweets" and I made another one to hang on the beverage tubs that says "Drinks"...but that sign got lost along the way!
In my original vision, we had 2 long tables and a large portion of one of those tables was going to house the water bottles that I spent endless hours making labels for (With Jason & Lisette's help!) but the way things ended up going on the day of the party, I just put a few out- I think they still look nice, but in my head they look stellar!

The birthday boy entering his oasis!
Mommy & her baby Laubster!
Grandma, Mama & Baby
My 2 favorite Laubsters (Seriously, how great are the balloons?!)

Love this one!
Mom...I'm all burned out on fun...can we not have another birthday party until next year?

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  1. WOW!!! You are amazing. Looks like a birthday bash if I've ever seen one :) happy birthday!!!