Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birthday Breakfast!

Birthdays were always a big deal for me growing up...HUGE! In my family, whoever's birthday it was always got to choose what they wanted for breakfast (we ALWAYS chose German Pancakes!), we got a foil crown (custom fitted, of course) and we got a banner made (The other members of the family would help decorate it the night before)...with my friends growing up (especially in high school) we would always do something special - and "something special" most always meant bringing a bunch of balloons to school for the birthday girl to carry around all day - I want Logan to grow up feeling just as special about birthdays- they are a great time to celebrate YOU!

We started Logan's actual birthday out with a pancake breakfast...we're trying to keep Logan as organic and healthy as possible, so I'd heard about a whole wheat pancake mix that I wanted to try out- while I didn't actually eat any of the pancakes I made for Logan, I did take a nibble out of one and it was delicious! I mean, he ate them in about 3 seconds flat...but this kid eats anything in front of him, so I wouldn't take that as an indication of the taste level of anything!

I remembered growing up that my Mom would make specific shapes out of pancakes - she would make the first initial of mine and my brothers' names, she would even make a bear head out of pancakes - complete with a black nose! I decided to try my hand at this tradition and make Logan an "L" pancake and a "1" pancake...easier said than done! I'm glad he's only a baby and doesn't eat THAT much because I must have gone through 8 DUDS before finally figuring out how to make these shapes...but the little man didn't mind one iota about how the pancakes looked, he just wanted to scarf them down! And boy did he ever!

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