Monday, March 7, 2011

Thinking of my BFF today

Today is Lindsey's first day back at work since having Baby Boy Brock in October. My heart is heavy thinking of her today and wondering how she's doing. I know she is going to handle the job of full time teacher and full time Mom beautifully and she will bring these two parts of her together seamlessly.

There was a time, while she was pregnant, when Lindsey was nervous about what becoming a Mother would do to her abilities as a teacher- would she sacrifice some of her skills in the classroom to be the Mom that she wanted to be? Would she neglect her child because she wanted to put her whole self in to her work as she did before giving birth? I told her this before she had Brock and now I say it again with 100% confidence that Lindsey becoming a Mom will only make her a BETTER teacher- and that's a feat all in itself because she's a PHENOMENAL teacher who gives all that she is to her students and her school. I knew that as soon as Lindsey became a Mom, yes, her priorities may change and she may not be found at school into the late hours of the night, but she's going to love those kids even more than she did before because now she'll see them as her own children and that will mean something so much more to her now that she has Brock.

For me, going back to work has been an immense struggle- and I know that it will be difficult for Lindsey as well, but I already know that she is going to handle it all so much better than I have. I am looking forward to the day when I can lean on her for advice and support because I know in my eyes she is going to be the mom that "does it all" and still has time for others (no pressure Linds!).

Lindsey is an amazing friend, an amazing wife (or so I'm told) and the most amazing Mother. Brock is one lucky boy. I hope her morning is going well and that she is able to focus on her kids and think about Brock without getting TOO teary, and is remembering that every minute she is at work is one minute closer to getting to pick up her little boy at the end of the day. And let me tell you Linds, that smile you get when he sees you walk in the door is absolutely priceless.

I love you Linds!

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