Monday, March 14, 2011

Say What?

Jason told me an alarming statistic last week- something about there is more fecal matter found on grocery carts than in an actual restroom... the reason being, because a bathroom actually gets cleaned and grocery carts do not. Gross.

All the more reason to be thankful that GiGi (Logan's Great Grandma Laub) made him his very own grocery cart cover! He seems happy about it too, don't you think?

Thanks for keeping our little bugger BUG free, GiGi!!! We love you!

I snapped this during a recent trip to Costco...the kid seriously LOVES Costco (But who doesn't?) he laughs and smiles the entire time we're there. He looks around at the high ceilings and just seems in awe of it all. He bounces up and down in excitement and squeals like a little piggy- he definitely gets EVERYONE'S attention while we're there and makes quite a few friends! It's the best!


  1. My often do you wash your grocery cart cover?

  2. Ha! GREAT question Mel! The last time we went grocery shopping, I was thinking of the info Jas told me about how UNCLEAN the carts were and as I put the cover on I thought "umm...Ok, I either need to wash this after each trip to the store, or at the very least, remember what side is UP and what side is down touching the cart..." So far I'm remembering 'Fishies UP" But plan on washing the cover this week :) haha