Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let The Party Planning Begin!

So even though Logan's birthday isn't until the end of June, I've already begun to plan the party...not surprising. I LOVE planning parties, and hope to be able to do it professionally some day- but, until that day comes, I'm happy to plan events in my life as they come up.

Last week, Jas and I reserved the spot where Logan's party will take place (Weather permitting- fingers crossed!). My hope for the party is that the guests are impressed with the party as a whole, but don't feel that it's overdone for a 1st birthday party. We want it to be simple but hopefully all of you that are able to come to the party feel that way when you're here!

I don't want to spill any of the ideas I have up my sleeve for the party other than the location- but just know that there will be a few Laubsters involved, and the main colors will be red and white! I can't wait!

Looking North
Looking South

We've reserved one of the parks in our community, right along our street, for the party. In the summer there seems to be a party or an event going on each week at these parks, so I was REALLY excited that we were able to reserve June 25th with ease!

These pictures are just of the main hardscape seating area we've reserved- we also have the whole grassy area you see in the background of both pictures (And yes, that does include the putting green so there MAY be a putting contest for the adults)- we'll decorate the seating area, have food and drinks etc and then have the grassy areas set up with blankets and toys for any kids that join in on the fun to hang out at. Should be a great party!!

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  1. I LOVE that you are already planning, I've been tucking away ideas for Georgiana's party too! We may have to swap ideas behind the scenes :) So much fun!