Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nine Years...

I can't believe it's been 9 years...really? Wow. How is that possible? The pain and the loss still feels like it was it was yesterday that we received the news that she had breast it was yesterday that we learned it was it was yesterday when I got the phone call that it could be any day it was yesterday when she was gone. Nine years.

I miss my Aunt Mary tremendously. Out of a family of six Uncles and only 3 Aunts, Mary was special. She was fun. She was funny. I remember going in to Seattle with my Mom when I was a little girl and stopping for lunch at Frederick & Nelson (a department store) for lunch because Mary worked at the restaurant there. I remember her being COOL- she was younger than my parents, but older than my brothers and she just fit in this spot in my life that made her someone I looked up to. After her days at the restaurant, she became a registered nurse, like my Grandma. I can't imagine how helpful Mary must have been to all of her patients- I can just picture her putting them at ease and making them laugh in their times of need.

Before she passed, Mary gave birth to an amazing little girl- Brittany. Though she lives in Montana now, my Mom still has a very strong and deep connection with this very special little girl (now 12 years old!!)- I am so grateful that Brittany has my Mom in her life...if she can't have her OWN Mother, at least she can have my Mom as a stand in. I still question WHY Mary had to leave us as early as she did, but I have a feeling that Brittany will prove it all to us one day...maybe a future doctor who could find a cure for cancer is among us?

For those of you who don't know, my Aunt Mary is the reason I am so passionate about finding a cure for breast cancer. She's the reason I (try) to do the Race for the Cure every year and the reason why I've done 2 long distance walks to raise money for breast cancer (and am currently training for my 3rd). I love her so much and find myself tearing up when I think about her for too long...I miss her every day and cannot wait to see her again one day. Until that time, I'll be satisfied reliving my time with her in my mind and seeing her little girl grow up to be a beautiful young woman who will most certainly live up to her Mother's amazing reputation.

I love you Mary!

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  1. This is a beautiful tribute, Ashleigh. Mary was an amazing woman. And it still surprises me how strong the feelings of sadness and loss remain even after nine years. I feel it, too, especially after reading this. Thank you.

    Dad :)