Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grandpa H Comes to LA!

This past weekend my Dad paid us a visit and we had a great time! We enjoyed time at the coffee shop, the park, a local museum and time with Uncle Dave! Thanks for spending time with us Dad, it was great to have you here!!

Holding on like a big boy!

There was a cute girl on the swing next to joke!

He' so happy he's drooling like a fool! HaHa!

He was SO happy to see Uncle Dave! He honestly recognized Dave as he walked up! It was great!
Self portrait of The Laub's at LACMA!

Yup, there was a painting called "She is Not a Ho" awesome.

I worked on a project that was based in Malibu a couple of years ago- it was a gigantic concrete house we were building for a big TV producer. This guy was also a big art collector, in particular, he was a fan of Jeff Koontz' work- Jeff Koontz did the piece above...yup, that's a gigantic balloon animal and the Owner of the house we were building owned one...It was cool to actually see it in person though, I still don't get it.

Dad and Logan in Playa Vista! I love this one!
Dad graciously acting as a Jungle Gym for Logan
And Grandpa swoops in with the assist!

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