Monday, March 14, 2011

"Look at me Mom!"

Yikes! This is what Logan did on Saturday afternoon- all by himself! Jason was at work on Saturday so it was just me and Mr. Little hanging out...he's so mobile these days (not yet crawling, but curious with an ability to LUNGE = danger) so I can't just leave him on the floor anymore if I need to step in to another room- I either have to put him in the crib where he's contained, in his jumper where he's contained AND distracted, or bust out the pack n play (As I had to do twice this weekend while making dinner) and put a bunch of toys in there with him to keep him busy.

On this particular occasion, I sat him in the crib to grab something out of our closet, when I came out I saw my BABY standing and smiling at me as though he KNEW he'd just accomplished something HUGE! Which he did! The little man pulled himself up all on his own! I was so proud of him! He's only done it that one time, but that's enough for Jason and I - we'll be lowering that crib this week (hint hint to Jason that this is going on the top of the "Honey-Do" list).

Later in the weekend, Logan had some more proud moments, with our help...we stood him next to this play table he has (Normally he plays with it on the ground after we remove the legs) and let him hold himself up on it- he just started beaming and laughing hysterically- we were dying! I wish we'd gotten it on video (Our afterthought of a video was met with blank stares and no laughter from Mr. Logan...shoot!)!

We're still in the process of baby proofing and my biggest worry is what to do about the cat STUFF (Food dish, water, litter-box) of our friends said that they just continued to tell their daughter "No" whenever she would venture over near the cats stuff and eventually she figured out she wasn't supposed to go there. Something tells me that that makes sense if you have a daughter, but a son aka a boy aka a CURIOUS boy who has quite the twinkle in his eye when he wants to do something FUN may not listen as well...I see a baby fence in our future keeping him out of the "Sandbox" oh boy!

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  1. That's so awesome that he pulled himself up in the crib! I have been waiting for that to happen with our little girl. She isn't crawling yet either but she is rolling everywhere and doing that lunging thing! I haven't broken out the pack n play yet, but I think it might be soon!!