Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lake Lopez- Triathlon Weekend!

Since 2001, Jason and his Uncle Bob, Aunt Loli, cousin Jenn and a gaggle of others have camped out at Lopez Lake to participate in or watch the Scott Tinley Triathlon! This was Jason's 4th year competing, and he did an amazing job! Jason, Randall, Suz, Mark and Uncle Bob all competed and completed the course successfully! Becky, Auntie, Logan, Randall's parents and myself all cheered the athletes on and took some pictures to remember the weekend!! Here are a few stand out shots, and the rest can be seen in the slideshow below! Enjoy!

Logan getting acquainted with Auntie after an impromptu diaper change in the dining hall

Jason finishing up the swim...he immediately ran off the course at this point to give Logan a big wet kiss!

Crossing the finish line!!! CONGRATULATIONS MY LOVE!!

Jason and Logan hanging out post race (Please ignore Logan's ridiculously nasty wasn't like that when we dressed him....however, little man decided to show us just how much he could spit up in one morning....Mom forgot to throw a bib on him and this was the result! Oh well!)

All bundled up and happy as a clam!

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