Tuesday, October 12, 2010

But I Survived!

Thanks to this little image!

Lisette sent this to me just as I sat down at my desk yesterday and somehow it made ALL the difference in the world! Seeing his smiling face, knowing he was doing alright calmed me down and put me in a good place. Plus, I'm busy at work so between trying to get settled on a new project, and taking 20 minute breaks every few hours to pump my day pretty much flew by! I was exhausted since little man decided he wanted to get up a few times throughout the night, but today should be better because he slept straight through from 11pm to 6:30am (And I had to wake him up at that point!)...so here's to day #2 as a working mother! I have learned a few things in just one day...
1) I need to figure out what I'm wearing the night before
2)I need to make lunches the night before
3)I need to suck it up and get up as early as possible so I can shower and get ready without fear the Logan will wake up in the middle of my routine

So things are looking up!

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