Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Day for New Experiences...

Like pumping in the bathroom!

Normally while at work (I like that i say NORMALLY as though I've been doing this for awhile, we're surviving on day 4 here people!), I pump when needed in an associates office because that person is rarely in the main office...well, today he's here! Yikes! I'd heard that mom's in the past had pumped in the women's restroom we have in the office so I just figured that that's what I would do as well rather than try to pump privately in my non-tinted window car! So promptly at 9:30 I headed in to the restroom, went into the last stall, the ADA stall mind you, and did my thing...2 people came and went as I sat there pumping for my 15 minutes...neither of them saying anything to me or just out in the open about that odd sound they had to have been hearing. I wonder what they were thinking! Granted, it's a small office and the women in it are mostly all Mom's who have most likely sat in that same stall, or one like it, doing exactly what I was doing- so it was probably just more weird to me than it was them.

Today is my Friday and I am absolutely ECSTATIC about it! The week has gone really well...I've been busy (Disregard the 5 minutes I'm using here to type this- I have to use 1/2 of my lunch break to pump so I'm using the other 1/2 to write this!!), and Lisette has been an absolute dream! From caring for Logan, to sending me pictures and texts of his daily going-ons, to cleaning up etc I couldn't be happier with the situation we're in. I honestly don't think I would be adjusting this well if Logan was in daycare- just my personal preference, I think I would be a nervous wreck wondering if someone was looking after him, if the other babies were playing well with him etc...knowing that Lisette is giving her full attention to him puts me at such ease, and the way he smiles at her when she comes in lets me know that he adores her just as much as we do, and also that he's getting familiar with someone apart from Jason and i which I see as such a healthy thing!

So all in all, this week is ending on a great note....and it will just keep getting better as tomorrow my Mom flies in for a Birthday Weekend visit with us!!


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