Monday, October 4, 2010

From Tummy to Back!

Tonight Logan rolled over (THREE TIMES!) from his tummy to his back!! We've been working on this with him for quite some time...and tonight he succeeded! Jason and I were SO excited for him and proud of him (and excited for ourselves that we got to witness it!)! I put him on his tummy earlier today and thought he was I abruptly stopped his progress because I didn't want Jason to miss it if at all possible! So tonight, after dinner, little man was awake and active so we figured we'd give it a try!

As soon as we put him on his belly, we knew something was a good way. He was holding his head up SO high- higher than he ever had before...and the biggest change of all, he was SMILING while on his tummy! Usually he cries bloody murder when we do tummy time...but tonight, he was smiling and cooing- definitely ready to do something *BIG*! So after a few seconds on the tummy, he started wiggling to his right and then WOMP...over went his big ol' head, followed by his body and Viola...he was on his back in no time! The squeals from Mommy and Daddy plus his suddenly new found view kind of shocked him for a bit, but then he seemed happy with his progress :)

See the video Jason captured of it all below :) Our little boy is growing up....sniff sniff...but we're VERY excited to get this baby on the move! Look out Chase and Earl...he's going to be crawling after YOU!

Here's a video of the little munchkin in action!

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