Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can You Believe It?

Logan is 4 months old today!!!

It's amazing how the time has flown! But yup, little mr is 1/3 of a full year today- 4 months! Crazy! Each month gets better and better, and I think he just keeps getting cuter...which I never think is possible as I take these photos each month :) I think this session is my favorite...of course, I've said that every time!

At our last Dr. appointment (this past Friday) Logan weighed in at 15lbs 7oz...oddly enough, that's the EXACT same weight that Earl was today when we took him to the vet...not sure what that means...though the vet DID say Earl needed to lose some weight...but I think Logan is juuuust right (60% thank you very much!). He's still growing UP as well...the string bean is 25.5" long too (75%)! YOWZA! Oh and his noggin holds its own in the 95th percentile...good grief!

His new doctor is ok...definitely different than Dr. Phillips. There were some things i liked about the office ($10 copay is nice, the room is decorated much more like a kids doctor's office- a mural of monkeys, toys everywhere, the equipment seemed a bit newer, and the staff was very nice), and there were some things I didn't like about the office (There must have been 20+ kids waiting to see the doctor that morning...90% of which were coughing, the Doctor had about 15 other patients it seemed, we saw the doctor for maybe 5 seconds and she was very rushed with Logan's exam...made me feel like she would NOT remember us at our next visit)...oh well...thus is the life of having an HMO I guess....hopefully it all works out and we end up really liking Dr. Brown. One thing struck me as odd...they had tissue paper on the exam table, which is standard practice at a doctor's office, but Logan HATES the sound of tissue paper. When she laid him down on the table, directly on the tissue paper without any clothes on, he screamed bloody murder and the Doctor said "Oh, it's the paper! It's always the paper! the little ones just hate this stuff" Umm...ok, then maybe we do something ABOUT the paper the the little ones hate so much! Why not have like 2 designated exam rooms for babies/newborns, and in those rooms you DON'T use tissue paper! A vinyl pad or something easy to clean...kind of weird.

The doctor said that now that Logan is 4 months old, we can start feeding him rice cereal (This also seemed like a very generic piece of advice that she would give EVERY parent of a 4 month old- she didn't ask how Logan is doing with feedings (though given his weight, she probably assumed he's doing just fine!), didn't ask if he seems interested in food etc...)). I think we're going to hold off a little longer on this, just because I don't know that he's totally ready to jump to solid foods...apparently once you start with the rice, 3 weeks later you introduce veggies and then every 5 days you introduce a new veggie and BAM your baby is eating solids...I dunno, for some reason I had in my mind at 6 months Logan would start eating solids, so 4 months seems pretty young, especially since he's just tarted noticing that we're eating food...once he starts trying to grab mine and Jason's food,THAT's when I think we'll know he's ready...but what do I know! Maybe 4 months is the new 6 months and I'm behind the times!

Anyway, on to the photos!!!

Thanks Iris for the awesome design!

Someone is sitting up...well, kind of...the pillows are helping a LOT!

My favorite!

What can I say? He weighs the same as Earl so he wants to sit in the sink like Earl.

Little nugget was tuckered out after a long day! It's tough being 4 months old!

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