Friday, January 29, 2010

Kicks, Flips and Bloops!

Well, it's finally started to happen! At 18.5 weeks I started feeling the baby!! I felt my first "kick" (Felt more like a BLOOP if you ask me) the other night while sitting on the couch. I was just zoning out, watching TV and all of a sudden, I felt something below my belly took my attention for a second, and then I felt it again, only off to the left of where I had just felt it! I called to Jason and told him what I thought just happened- he was SUPER excited, but a bit sad that I couldn't feel it on the outside. Cut to 2 days later...and I felt the baby on the OUTSIDE! Again, sitting on the couch, zoning out with my hand on my belly when suddenly I felt that same feeling inside that I'd felt earlier in the week but this time I'm felt it on my hand! I flipped out and immediately called Jason and told him the news! When he came home he sat with me for a few minutes with HIS hand on my belly, but the baby wasn't up to performing at that moment...but this baby has been ACTIVE, let me tell you, so I have no doubt that Jason will get to feel it this weekend.

This baby has seriously been making itself KNOWN inside my body this week. on Monday I took a brief walk at work to go to a neighboring building to use the restroom, as I was walking I felt a horrible pain in my upper abdomen (about 6" above my belly button). It felt like the worst side ache of your life but not on your side! I figured it was gas or something, and it went away after about 5 minutes. Later in the afternoon, while I was in a meeting, it came back and was so uncomfortable! Luckily, I had my blackberry with me, so I immediately Googled "Upper Abdominal Pain, 2nd Trimester" ever site that came up suggested that this was just typical stretching that occurs at this time. Basically, the baby is trying to get comfortable and is moving his surroundings around to make some more room...lovely. Given the size of my mid section, I'm sure I will have a lot more uncomfortable moments as this baby grows and grows and grows over the next few months. As uncomfortable as it may be, it's still a comfort to know that a moving baby is a happy baby so that brings me comfort :)

Good Night!

PS- Not going to bed yet, Jason is reaping the benefits of a pregnant wife tonight and I am his DD...he's at a Boys Only birthday party in Hermosa and I've promised to stay awake to pick him up...I should get a massage out of this! Haha :)

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  1. Feeling the baby moving is just about the most awesome thing ever. You'll have to keep reminding yourself of that when your 38 weeks preg and all you want to do is sleep but the baby decides to have a dance party in your belly. But seriously, congrats...pregnancy really is amazing and your little belly is adorable!