Monday, February 1, 2010

Meet my friend Neti...

After spending the weekend sneezing, sniffling and going through more Kleenex than I even want to think about, I finally got smart and looked up what medicine I can take for nasal congestion... turns out saline nose drops and the good old Neti Pot are both approved for mothers-to-be!

So tonight, while my husband is working hard at school, I will be leaning over the sink cleaning out my nostrils...Lovely.

Baby Laub is still kicking! I think I may be carrying the next Michael Jackson!


  1. I think I screwed up the first on Little Momma~ If so delete the one you like. Anyway Dr. Oz would be very proud of you. He is a big promoter of the "Neti Pot"
    When I was a kid and our Uncle Bob, your great grandpa's brother in law and Dr. partner would say to us where we were sick with a cold, drink and drink and drink as much water as you can hold and then drink one more glass. ♡ Hang in there Ash~ He is worth it.

  2. Oh boy....Gretchen was excited to see the neti pot. She's a big fan of those.