Monday, January 4, 2010

The Beans Have Been Officially Spilled!

Today Jason and I were finally able to announce our pregnancy to EVERYONE! It is such a relief to have everyone in our lives know! Jas started the day out by sending a mass email to pretty much his entire contact list, which let me tell my boss first thing this morning. Then I sent an email to my team letting them in on the big news, and finally I posted a photo to Facebook...the best place to get news spread FAST! I've felt awful for the people I've had to blatantly LIE to about the pregnancy, but I know all of them understand and most of them have been in my same position, so it's all good :)

On a side note, I'm starting to feel a lot better. After I left work at 10am last Wednesday I pretty much didn't move from the couch until Sunday! My Mom was in town, so it was nice to have her around to take care of me. After she left, Jason picked up the slack and cleaned our ENTIRE apartment, bathed both kitties and did all of the laundry (he even folded it all!). I felt very guilty just sitting on the couch, but every time I tried to stand up, I got so weak I had to sit back down again! This morning was rough, but being at work has been good so far today. I'm sure when I get home I'll pass out until bed time, but that's Ok- as long as I can sleep I'm a happy camper!

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and support! I'm just so glad it's not a secret anymore!!!

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  1. I'm glad you feel a tinge of guilt about lying to this childs Grande Aunt :) I think I asked when you were telling me you were moving so any babies in the near future? Little Momma said nope, no plans for any babies for a long time! Lucky I love you so much!