Thursday, January 7, 2010

Laub Men Passing Tests and Taking Names!

So yesterday was a big day for test results for the Laub Men (Or at least, the one confirmed Laub Man (Jason) and the yest to be determined Laub Baby). Jason took his Contractor's License test at 7:45am on Wednesday and he passed!!! He said the test was way easier than he thought it would be- I had no doubt he would pass. He is so smart, and so good at tests (A skill I hope our little one inherits from him!).

The baby passed an important test as well! We got the results of our 1st trimester screening that we had done at 12 weeks (The same appointment when the doctor thought he saw that we were having a boy). I'm not sure how all of the numbers work, but basically, our baby has a VERY low chance of being born with either Downs Syndrome or the other chromosome disorder they test for. The nurse was throwing out stats like our chances of having a baby with either condition were 1 in 100, 1 in 15,000 and 1 in 50, 1 in 100,000. I am not sure why we were given 2 different statistics, but given that they were all good, I'm fine with it!

When we got back at week 20 to do our 2nd Trimester screening, the doctor will average those results with these first trimester results and we'll have a more definite idea of what our chances are. But given that the results from the first test are so low, I think we'll be in good shape. The nurse seemed to think so at least!

We have our next appointment next Thursday. This will be just a regular OB/GYN appointment for the doctor to make sure everything is still moving along as it should be. Hopefully we'll get to see the baby again and will be printed out some more photos of the little one. I'm going to ask how my weight gain is going, how the babies weight gain is going and if they'd like me to change anything that I'm currently doing. I have a pretty fast metabolism, so it's hard for me to gain a lot of weight, so I hope that all that I've been doing so far is going to be good enough. My mom assured me that once the third trimester hits, I'll be amazed at the amount of weight I gain, and that a lot of times it just happens naturally. That would be helpful, but in the meantime I'm drinking milkshakes and protein drinks to try to pack on some pounds for the little one.

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