Friday, December 4, 2009

1 Announcement Down, 2 More To Go!

Since Jason and I were home in Seattle for Thanksgiving, we took advantage of that opportunity and decided to announce our BIG news to my family!

We made some sweet shirts the night before we left, Jason's said "WE ARE" with a picture of our 1st sonogram and mine said "Pregnant" with a picture of the Clear Blue Easy Prego stick (And yes, that is a picture of the actual stick).

We told my Mom on Wednesday night, when Jas got in from the airport, we ran upstairs to put our shirts on and set up the camera. Then we called my Mom upstairs to help us with something- we just stood in the room and let her realize what we were up to...after 2.5 seconds she SCREAMED and put her hands up in the air and shouted "YAAAAY!!" It was perfect- perfect reaction! Unfortunately, our camera didn't capture ANY of the perfection for some reason. Oh well, we got a cute shot of the 3 of us posing together after the announcement. Good enough for the scrapbook!

On Thanksgiving Day we were set to tell the rest of my family (Those that were coming to Thanksgiving dinner that is). We waited until after dinner and everyone was winding down at my Mom's place, then we put the shirts back on. We told my Brother Nathan first, because he was randomly upstairs when we were going to head DOWN stairs with our shirts on, then we called our Dad upstairs and pulled the same stunt that we did with my Mom. Same great reaction- so far everyone has been happy! Ha! Next, we headed downstairs where Gretchen, Luke, Uncle Rod, Aunt Kathy, Cousin Erin and Cousin Michael were hanging out...we just walked in the room and let their observant minds do the figuring out! Again- screams, cheers and lots of "I knew it!" coming from the crowd. Erin guessed we were prego because I didn't have any alcohol at dinner and she thought I seemed very tired. Rod and Kathy guessed it as well, though I'm not sure why- possibly the lack of alcohol or the discussion we all had about my hair right before we made the announcement (My bangs have decided to stray in formation from the rest of my smooth and lovely hair...and they are crinkly and annoying right now...everyone has guessed that it's due to hormone changes).
The rest of the night was spent hearing stories from the women who have been in my shoes in past years- crazy and interesting stuff!

On Friday Night, Jason and I headed to my friend Jen and Main's home in Burien for a Left-Over Dinner Extravaganza. Jen is my good friend from my Freshman year of college- Elizabeth and Lindsey and Lindsey's husband Jason also joined in on the fun. So we got to tell Jen that night as well (I had told Elizabeth on Wednesday night while hanging out with Lindsey, and Lindsey was the VERY first person to find out, since i called her at 6am the morning after we took the test!). Jen was asking Jason and I about The Newlywed Game and when we were going on our trip, so I told her "We're thinking about going in March, because I won't be able to travel in my 3rd trimester" she looked at me blankly for a second and then screamed! Jen was so excited for us. Jen has 2 adorable little ones, so she's all for more friends becoming Moms! haha.

Overall it was a great trip! The family knows our big news and everyone is very excited. In a few weeks we get to tell Jason's family and then after New Years I will tell my team at work. Having all of this be out in the open will be SUCH a relief! Of course, I will be in the 2nd trimester by then, so I'll probably be feeling better and have less symptoms so it'll probably be weird for the team to know when really nothing is NEW, but oh well! At least the cat will be out of the bag!

I'm still feeling relatively good. Being home and on a different schedule, different bed and having different food over the Thanksgiving Weekend really wore me out. I was completely out of it and tired all day on Sunday when we got back, and on Monday I was sick all day- the worst I've been by far. Tuesday was a really good day and I was even able to run an errand after work, Wednesday and Thursday were back to being Iffy, so I just kind of play it all by ear. The 1st Trimester is almost over, and I'm really hoping that I'm one of those women who just wakes up one morning in the 2nd Tri and feels energetic and refreshed...I'll keep you updated!!

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