Thursday, December 17, 2009

Boy oh Boy!

Today was a GREAT day for several reasons!

First of all, before our Doctor's appointment this afternoon, Jason and I met up in Santa Monica and headed off to the apartment complex we've been wanting to get in to after we move out of our current home. We'd been calling them a couple times a week for the last 3 weeks trying to get an idea of when an apartment would be available in mid-January. The office staff was less than helpful over the phone, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and just go to the leasing office! It turned out to be a great idea, because an amazing unit had just come available! Top floor, overlooking the community park, and an awesome layout. 2 Bed/ 2 Bath (Enough room for the latest addition!)- and just a great area! We are SO excited. So we put down our deposit, filled out the application, and will get our keys on January 2nd- this is about 3 weeks SOONER than we actually needed to move in, but with all that's been going on, we wanted to just have it down and know that we have a home to move into once our current lease is up!

Second of all, we had a big doctor's appointment today. We were doing our 1st trimester screening for birth defects. From what I understand, our doctor will take the results from today's test and then will do a similar test during our 2nd trimester, and will take those results and average them with the results from today and THAT should tell us our chances for having a child with chromosomal birth defects (Such as Downs Syndrome). The doctor came in and started the ultrasound and within 3 seconds he was done! Always the efficient baby, little Laubster was in the PERFECT position for the Dr. to gather the information he needed! It was great- I was such a proud Mom that our baby did so well!

The third thing that made today so great was the extra information the doctor gave us! Because the actual test went so quickly (And because the doctor really liked what he saw) he decided to reward us by doing an extra long ultrasound complete with a 3D view of our little one! It was so cool to see the baby in full form! Hands, feet, body, head! Very cool! But what was the COOLEST thing is that the Doctor THINKS he may have seen a baby penis on our little one...which of course, would mean that we are having a BOY! Some of you may be shocked because it's too early to tell, but actually- the fetus has already determined what gender it's going to be, it's just not usually well defined enough to see it in a typical 12 week ultrasound. The fact that we got to do a 3D ultrasound and the fact that our little one was in a good position let us in on the big reveal! Granted, nothing is for sure YET- I've had several friends be lead down the wrong path with an early reveal, so we're just kind of taking it all in as some fun information, but not really seeing it as a fact yet. Here's the photo the doctor took that showed HIM we were having a Laubster Jr. instead of a Laubster-ette! What do you think?

The FOURTH thing that went well today was that the Dr. was absolutely THRILLED with what he saw in terms of the test results. He said the development of the babies nose was encouraging, the brain size and development was encouraging, the translucency of the fluid behind the neck looked great and the development of the limbs and fingers/toes also looked great. The Doctor (Who was a bit of a character) kept saying "I love your Baby" "I am very happy with your Baby" "I like what I'm seeing" I figured he said that to all of his "Mothers" but I quickly realized, that more often than not, he probably does NOT get to say those I was VERY happy and VERY relieved to get the doctor's approval!

At one point in the exam, our little one got a little tired of being LOOKED at, and started kicking off the side of the womb (No I didn't feel it) as though he was kicking off the side of a pool! It was hilarious! It was as though he was trying to say "Get that thing off of my head!" Meaning the ultrasound wand! And I believe that next, the little one turned on his side and had his butt to us- he was just done with being on camera!

The whole thing is jut amazing- getting to SEE our little one growing, getting to see a portion of a personality already- that this creature has enough say that he/she knows when hey are annoyed and wants to get out of a situation is just amazing! Every time we go to the doctor we feel more and more connected with our little one. Andi n turn, Jason and I always feel closer to each other as man and wife after each visit- it's just a really great feeling.

One thing I have realized this week, after the migraine incident, is that I need to take better care of myself in general. I think that because I've been feeling BETTER in general I've kind of put my pregnancy needs on the back burner- I haven't been going to bed as early, i haven't been eating as much or as frequently as I should (Which is why *I* think I had the ocular migraine)- so I'm changing all of that so i can keep gaining weight and keep this baby kicking and impressing doctors!! So even though I'm feeling more like "myself", I need to remember that my new SELF is still a pregnant-self and that requires a little extra care and attention (more food, more sleep, less activity!).

Alright, dinner is on the stove, and I've got a hungry family to feed!!

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