Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12 Weeks with a Twist of Lime

Well today marks a HUGE milestone...Jason, myself and our little growing Laubster have made it 12 Weeks! We are officially in the 2nd trimester! YAHOO!!! Actually, I'm not sure if week 12 is the END of the first Tri or the beginning of the 2nd...either way, I know it's all good that we've made it this far and that everything has gone according to plan!

Per our Babycenter.com weekly update, today we learned that our little one is the size of a LIME...just over 2" long from head to toe (Adorable little toes I'm sure). I think it's quite fitting that our little one is the size of a lime this week, because I will be using a lime tomorrow night to fend off suspicious, observant and nosey minds at my companies holiday Christmas Party tomorrow. How, you ask? Well, the last company function I went to, I thought that by NOT drinking I could just blend in with the crowd, and no one would be the wiser, but apparently when your recently married, feeling maternal and in your mid to late 20s and a female- any time you are spotted withOUT an alcoholic beverage in your hand, suspicious minds start turning into gossiping mouths! Blatant rumors started flying AT the function that I was pregnant (Which I was, but I didn't want anyone ELSE to know that!)...so, rather than go through ALL of that tomorrow, I'm going to work a deal with the bartender...I'm going to order my signature drink (Captain & coke) minus the leader of the ship (Mr. Morgan) and just have coke, in a cocktail glass...with a LIME. A lime will make all the difference in convincing my co-workers that I am operating business as usual at a party. I'm sure my plan will fail miserably, but I definitely get a gold star for trying!!

Sometime last week I started feeling like MYSELF again (much to Jason's relief! he got his wife back...finally!). I was pretty sick on Sunday night, Monday all day and Tuesday morning and was beginning to think that my morning sickness was getting STRONGER day by day (Which scared me!)...but then by Tuesday evening, as I was driving home I noticed something...I was actually alert! I was so alert that I was SINGING along to the radio, and I was changing lanes (A MAJOR improvement to the last 5 weeks in which I silently drove home in the slow lane the entire time, just trying to avoid exerting any more energy than necessary). It struck me as being so odd that I realized, I didn't feel sick...AT ALL! From then on I've felt pretty fantastic! Sometimes the morning can still be rough (I was really light headed all of this morning, and had to keep sitting down while trying to get ready), but overall, my health has vastly improved from the past 5 weeks (YESSSS!).

This past weekend, Jas and I joined some friends of ours out in Las Vegas at our favorite place; The Red Rock Resort. It was a great weekend for all, but I've definitely learned my lesson- no more Vegas until AFTER the Laubster hatches! haha. It was a lot of fun being with everyone, but I was constantly faced with things I could NOT participate in- drinking, eating sushi, being active (After 2 games of Bowling, I almost fell asleep in the lanes!), and getting the massage that I wanted! Everyone else had an amazing time, so that was good enough for me; but I'll definitely take a weekend at home the next time Huy and Jason plan a trip to Sin City!

TTFN (Taa Taa For Now for all of you Non-Poo bear fans!)


  1. So I very much hope the migraine goes away and doesnt come back - Could be that lime of yours causing it, I had it a few times but lived through it.
    But how do you keep a straight face?!?!? Your FB page is way too funny, can't comment on it... But thanks for the laugh:-D
    Feel better, mwa

  2. Thanks Cecile :) Trust me, it's HARD lying through my teeth on facebook!!! It cracks me up though how WHATEVER situation you post on FB, someone will always assume you are prego! haha...just a couple more weeks and the word is out!! can't come soon enough!