Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Long Posts and Piggy Flu

I have another friend who is also pregnant right now (Just a few weeks ahead of Jason and I) and she also has a blog (She's had hers for awhile, and since announcing her pregnancy has been using that outlet to let friends/family know what she's going through) and I realized while reading a few of her posts the other day...that I am one long winded blogger! Not that that's surprising to those who know me well, but sheesh! Maybe I should just start getting to the point and call it a day! I'll try...but that's all I can promise...normally, when I think I've edited something down, it could still go for another 20 page deletion!

So on Sunday, Jason decided that I needed to get the swine flu (H1N1) vaccination shot. We tried to get it a few weekends ago, but the line was wrapped completely around the high school that the shot was being administered in! "No Thank You!" Said the Laubster family and away we went...back to bed! But, Jason realized last week that in a few days, I'm going to be flying on an airplane, which is probably an EXCELLENT way to contract the piggy flu! So with that logic, we decided to brave the crowds and head over to the lease ghetto area that was giving the shot (seriously...I was not about to stand in line in Compton...not gonna happen). I woke up feeling pretty sick that morning, and was worried about standing for a few hours, and what that would do to me...so I packed a huge bag of snacks...oranges, fruit leather, string cheese, cookies, fruit cups, popcorn- the works! We drove 20 minutes to our spot and sure enough, the line was pretty long. It wasn't as long as it had been when we tried earlier, but there would still be at least 150-200+ people in front of us. So we get in line, grab a form from the "form-giver-outers" and then hear an official person say "Is anyone pregnant in the line?” Immediately our hands shoot up and I yell out "Yes! I am!" the official person walks over to me and says "You're pregnant? OK, you need to head to the front of the line." What? Really? Awesome! So Jason and I march through the ENTIRE line, trying to keep our smiles to a minimum and approach another official person and tell them that we are pregnant and were told to come over here. After checking our forms, they sweep us past MORE people, and get us RIGHT to the people with the drugs! It was unbelievable! We got the shot, and were back to doing what we wanted with the rest of our day!
Immediately after taking the shot, I kind of got worried about what we had just done and I asked Jason "Did we really just inject some chemicals into our growing and developing fetus? Sheesh...I hope that was a good idea!" I'm normally not someone who gets freaked out by vaccines...maybe it's because my Grandpa was a doctor and a lot of my family has a lot of medical knowledge, but I’ve never bought into the whole "Vaccines are bad, they cause Autism" hoopla. There isn't enough scientific evidence to convince me NOT to vaccinate my child- it just seems irresponsible to me. Jason has expressed some concerns about the issue, but I believe there are ways around it- instead of giving the baby a lot of vaccines all at once within their first couple of months, there are not schedules that allow you to give your baby 1 or 2 vaccines every couple of months- that seems like a compromise we can deal with. But the idea of giving a fetus, who is in the initial stages of growing and developing a vaccine was just kind of freaky...but I'm sure it's all for the better, and assuming it went well, our newborn will be protected from the H1N1 virus after he/she is born, so that's good!
The only downside to all of it was by Sunday night, I was definitely feeling symptoms of the flu. I started feeling EXTREMELY nauseous that night, and even got sick before I went to bed...not fun! The next morning I woke up still feeling awful and stayed in bed ALL day, trying to get over it. Today, I'm back at work and feeling better, but not amazing...though my body did allow me to eat a piece of Pizza for breakfast, and I cannot tell you how amazing that tasted!

Well...so much for not being long winded!! Ayy Yiii Yiii.....

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