Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Get In My Belly!!!

So for those of you wondering how the the pregnancy is physically progressing...take a gander at the pics below! The first is from our 7 week mark, and the 2nd was taken this past weekend at 12 weeks- things are a-changing! See that nice oblique definition in the first picture...then see how it's absent in the 2nd? Oh sad day...I'll get those abs back again though! Just wait and see! I had to buy my first maternity shirt last weekend. It's not that I'm not fitting into my clothing anymore, but when we met up with some friends for lunch, they knew right away that I was pregnant because my mid-section was a little thicker than it normally is. Given that we're finally telling the family this weekend, I didn't want to give our secret away as SOON as we step foot in everyone's house. So I've got a nice, NORMAL looking shirt that doesn't cling to my waist that I'll wear to Jason's Dad's side of the family...hopefully it holds off the snoopers until we present our GIFT!

I spoke to Jason's Mom today (I'd been somewhat avoiding her phone call in case I sounded too tired, or she caught on some other way- as Mom's tend to do!), and I don't think she suspects anything...though she did mention a couple of times how she would like to have a crystal ball so she could know WHEN we're going to have children and WHAT we're going to have- looks like we'll be giving her a crystal ball for Christmas this year! haha. I'm chuckling though because she's had quite a few run ins with the name Catalina this week (Very weird, I know!) she has always thought that Jason would have a little girl first (As did Nana), so we'll have to wait and see if our Dr's prediction was incorrect- whatever the gender, i know she will be thrilled with the news!

Ok...on to the photos!!

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  1. Do they know? do they know? How was it!?

    Adorable pics btw, you'll look back one day and not believe what your body did -or looked like.
    Have fun shopping, empire waist shirts will soon take over your closet