Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Little Update on How Today Ended Up...

As Murphy's Law would have it, once you say something is going GREAT, it usually turns around quite quickly! Everything is fine now, but at 11:30am today, things were a little...uhhh...weird.

I was sitting at my desk at work when all of a sudden I noticed my vision getting VERY blurry out of my right eye. It wasn't necessarily SPOTTY, but I couldn't focus and I couldn't see out of my peripheral vision. If I held my right had in front of my face, but off to the side a bit, I couldn't see it. If I held my hand at a certain angle, I could see part of my hand, but maybe not my fingers- like there was a black hole off to the side taking up my hand- creepy to say the least. After sitting there for a few minutes I convinced myself "Ok, this is NOT normal" and I headed out to my car to call Jason (Whenever I have to make a personal phone call, especially regarding the pregnancy, I have to go to my car...I share an office with a teammate, so obviously it doesn't work to talk about that stuff in his presence). I called Jas and we both agreed that i needed to call our Doctor. I called Dr. Morris' office and explained the situation and that i wasn't sure if I should be calling THEM or my General Practitioner- without hesitation, the woman on the phone said I should come in to see THEM at 2:30 that day (I LOVE this Dr. Office- they didn't make any issue about the situation, totally validated my concerns and made room to see me at such a short notice!), the suggested I have someone drive me to the appointment in case my vision got worse. So I called Jason and of course he said he would be right there to pick me up. Ever the one not to make a scene, I assured him I was fine enough to drive to Santa Monica and have him pick me up from my main office...really? He reluctantly agreed, and I went back into the office. As soon as I sat down, my vision got worse- both eyes were blurry and i couldn't focus on anything. I called Jason back and told him he should come pick me up- he agreed and said he was leaving right away. Over the next 20 minutes, my vision began to clear up but I was shaken by the whole incident. The weirdest thing about it all was that I felt NO PAIN. I, of course, was thinking the worst things- am I not eating enough? Am I not getting enough oxygen, and therefore the baby isn't getting enough oxygen? Oh jeez, this parenting thing is synonymous with WORRYING!

Jason picked me up and we grabbed some lunch, which made me feel a bit better, but I still felt pretty sick. By the time we made it to the Dr. Office I was feeling pretty close to fine. I explained my symptoms to Dr. Morris's and she said that it sounded like a migraine and that I she would refer me to a neurologist.

The best part of the whole appointment was that we got to do ANOTHER ultrasound and see the baby again! While "he" wasn't being very active, his little heart was fluttering and the doctor explained that he was laying there with one arm above and behind his head, and the other hand was in front of his face- too cute! She printed us another ultrasound, but you literally can't see anything- so no point in posting it.

We still have our big appointment on Thursday where we'll be taking a video of the ultrasound and will post that somewhere for you all to view. They'll be prodding around the baby in that appointment, so hopefully he'll be a little more active than he was today...and that will give Mommy some reassurance!

So I'll be calling the neurologist tomorrow to make my appointment. After doing a little research, and hearing input from friends who have had migraines, it sounds as though I may have experienced an Ocular Migraine- which is a harmless migraine, that doesn't necessarily cause pain, but does cause vision problems (Including zig zag lines, which is exactly what I saw).

Hopefully it's all nothing, and this was the last of my migraine experience!

Sorry if this freaked anyone out, but I figured everyone would want to be MORE informed than Less informed!

Love you all!

Ash & Jas

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