Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Logan's Been Up To!

I apologize for my lagging in posting so far this year...but I was waiting to post until Logan had his 6 month check up, which occurred this past Friday :) I figured I'd give the run down on what Logan's latest stats are and what milestones he's conquered since those are often impossible to see in just a few snapshots!

As of last Friday, Logan weighs 18lbs and 13oz (above the 70th percentile), he's 27.25" long (also above the 70th percentile) and as you all know, he has a noggin not to be messed with (While I'm not sure of the exact circumference, I'm well aware that he's in the 98th percentile there).

Along with all of that great information, Logan has also begun "Talking"...or babbling, whichever you prefer (But if you were to ask him, he most certainly believes that everything coming out of his mouth is talking and that he must repeat himself several times and speak VERY loudly to make sure you hear him correctly). Our once quiet apartment is now filled with Baaa Baaa BaBaBa's and Daaaaa Daaaa Dada Dada DaaaDa and my personal favorits MaaaaaMa MaMa MaaaaaMaaaa. Jason and I of course LOVE these new sounds, but the cats could do without I'm sure.
Our nanny insists that Logan is quite the steam roller during the day- but we've yet to see much steam rolling....we've witnessed a LOT of roll overs- but generally just to the left, then back to the right, or to the right, then back to the left. I have set Logan down in one spot on the floor, then walked away to the kitchen only to look back and see him in another location which is shocking at first to say the least!

He's also sitting up like a champ! I am especially excited for this milestone because it means that someday SOON (maybe even this weekend!) I can take Logan to the grocery store and have him sit in the front seat of the cart (while, of COURSE, sitting in the awesome grocery cart fabric seat protector that Jason's Grandma made)....being able to shop without trying to look over or past a car seat sounds SO awesome to me right now! He's doing REALLY well sitting up, so I'm sure we can handle a 20 minute grocery store run...we'll see!

We've started to let him use a sippy cup for water during his rice cereal meals- he really likes it! It took a few different sippy cups to find one that he could actually figure out (Turned out to be one that Uncle Matt gave him that says "Logan" on it! It's adorable to see him use it!). And yes, we're still on Rice Cereal as far as the solids go...we may try actual FOOD next week, but he still hasn't quite gotten the hang of the rice cereal so we don't want to rush anything. If you catch him in the right mood he's all about it...but that seems to be difficult to do. Oh well...we'll get it at some point.

That's all for now. Jas bought a great new camera lens that we tested out at the beach today and got some GREAT pics of the little man. I'll post those later this week :)

Happy Monday (tomorrow) everyone! Make it a great week!


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